November 17, 2017

Albertsons invests in El Ranchero, accesses Latino market

With its eyes on the 54-million-strong Hispanic population in the US, Albertsons has invested in Texas-based El Rancho Supermercado that focuses on stores for Latino customers. El Rancho which has 16 stores in Texas, will operate as an independent company with headquarters in Garland, Texas.

“El Rancho has built a great business with its 16 Texas stores, and we’re confident that we’ll be able to leverage our combined expertise to better serve customers across the existing Albertsons Companies’ and El Rancho store bases,” said Bob Miller, Chairman & CEO of Albertsons Companies. “With El Rancho’s own distribution and manufacturing facilities serving their Texas stores, we can share best practices that will reduce costs and benefit our customers.”

“The transaction will allow El Rancho to accelerate growth and expand into new markets throughout Texas while finding operational efficiencies in all aspects of our business. We are aligned with Albertsons Companies’ vision for the future, strategic initiatives and culture of innovation. We are excited to work together with the Albertsons Companies management team to continue to serve families in the rapidly-growing Latino market,” said Salah Nafal, President of El Rancho.

A survey by Rincon & Associates that focuses on Hispanic businesses and consumers, shows that El Rancho has 10.5 percent market share in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.


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