May 16, 2022

Award-winning Veggie Saver Hits US Market

Veggie Saver is an award-winning and intelligent produce bag that has been shown to keep fruit and vegetables firm and crunchy for two weeks or more in the crisper of the fridge. Its unique, multi-layer, patented technology is made from 100 percent unbleached, unseeded cotton and is reusable, machine-washable and compostable, so consumers can trust that it is non-toxic, non-allergenic, food safe and plastic-free.

Studies conducted by Australia’s Applied Horticulture Research found Veggie Saver increased storage life of blueberries by 38 percent compared to ordinary containers only and increased storage life of broccolini by 25 percent compared to plastic. Additionally, the recent study found Veggie Saver increased storage life of veggies like broccoli for up to four weeks (25 percent longer than plastic).

Replacing the need for single-use plastic in the fridge, Veggie Saver protects, hydrates and allows fruit and vegetables to breathe properly, reducing ethylene build-up and creating an ideal environment for produce storage.

Australian mom of two, Peita Pini was tired of throwing away rotting fruit and vegetables after only a few days since purchasing. Determined to find a solution that empowered households to reduce their waste, Pini spent years developing a revolutionary product that solved all these pain points.

“When I had children of my own, I was more conscious of the extent of fresh food waste in my own home. I started to notice condensation building up inside the plastic bag or container I was storing my veggies in. I realized I was storing my food in toxic materials and watching them sweat. Fresh produce is living and breathing and all living things need air and water to survive. So, I set out to fix the problem,” Pini explained.

Veggie Saver donates 5 percent of every sale to Destiny Rescue, a not-for-profit leader in the rescue and rehabilitation of children from slave trafficking. Furthermore, Veggie Saver is manufactured in India, in a women-owned, SEDEX certified facility, ensuring proper working conditions and an appropriate wage for all workers.

Veggie Saver is the sister to Pini’s first patented invention, The Swag, the multi-award winning, original produce bag which saw more than 1 million units sold, Oprah’s endorsement, thousands of positive customer reviews and a deal on Shark Tank Australia. Born out of demand for a global solution that could create a massive, positive impact quickly and responsibly, Veggie Saver took all the best parts of The Swag and tailored it for global wholesale distribution, making it easier for retailers to display, market and sell. Veggie Saver is now available for wholesale distribution in the United States and is already carried in more than 30 natural markets and boutique retailers nationwide.

“By 2030, I want to see our business empower more than 1 billion people around the world to live waste and plastic-free, with a net profit that contributes to more than 10,000 children being freed from slavery and provided long term rehabilitation,” said Pini.

Those interested in becoming a retailer or finding a retailer should visit Veggie Saver to learn more.

Veggie Saver RRP $24.99 USD; Find a stockist here.

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