Blood X Sweat X Tears Vodka Makes Hand Sanitizer to Protect Grocery Workers May 22, 2020

Blood X Sweat X Tears Vodka Makes Hand Sanitizer to Protect Grocery Workers

Joining dozens of distilleries worldwide, Blood x Sweat x Tears Vodka is producing hand sanitizer in response to COVID-19. With gratitude, it is being donated and distributed to grocery workers, particularly within chain accounts that adopted Blood x Sweat x Tears early in the brand’s life cycle, such as Albertsons, Pavilions, Vons, Ralphs and WinCo.

Some of the 4-oz. bottles are being personally delivered by Blood x Sweat x Tears’ dedicated salespersons, who also routinely bring lunch to entire teams of grocery workers. Otherwise, the hand sanitizer is available at the distillery in Eugene, Oregon and is initially being distributed in the distillery’s home state of Oregon, as well as in some brands’ strongholds such as Texas, California, Florida and Indiana. In each of these states, Southern Glazer’s Wines & Spirits is distributing the sanitizer free of charge.

Jimmy Jones, a Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits’ Senior Account Executive for Walmart and Sam’s Club Chains, adds, “We are very happy to distribute Blood x Sweat x Tears’ sanitizer for free. It has been a meaningful way for us to thank, protect and show gratitude to grocery workers who are risking their own health for the greater good and to also acknowledge that their safety will be an ongoing concern.”

Blood x Sweat x Tears’ owner and creator Umberto Luchini adds, “Our country was and is, built on the shoulders of those who make, create, put in the work, do the tasks others might not want to do and don’t receive much credit for it. They’re not forgotten per se, but they’re not celebrated. We’re now understanding how important they are. They keep us running. We are a small, independent group of makers ourselves and are proud to be there for our community. Rather than asking for help, we are focusing on how we can help.”

Wolf Spirit Distillery is concurrently distilling Blood x Sweat x Tears vodka to meet demand. Chief maker Ben Green explains. “We are 100 percent grain-to-glass, so working long, hard hours is nothing new; in fact, we have always said that ‘hard work comes easy.'” 

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