November 8, 2023

Citrus America Celebrates Successful 2023 Global Produce & Floral Show as Part of Fresh From Florida with Noble Citrus

Citrus America, a pioneer in providing the highest quality juicing equipment and solutions to grocery stores and food service operations throughout North America, recently celebrated a successful return to the International Fresh Produce Association’s 2023 Global Produce & Floral Show in Anaheim, California, as part of the Fresh From Florida Pavilion alongside partner Noble Citrus.

During the three-day convention, Citrus America’s founder Brian Framson and members of his Orlando, Florida-based team, including the VP of National Sales Jay Gardner, engaged with an array of visitors, including grocery store representatives, prominent produce distributors and other influential industry professionals, as well as thousands of attendees and fellow exhibitors.

Throughout the event, the Citrus America team demonstrated the myriad advantages of introducing the highest quality premium commercial juicing equipment and solutions, resulting in increased efficiency, improved customer experience and healthy profits.

Citrus America capitalized on the opportunity to engage with both existing and prospective clientele, engaging in meaningful conversations about strategies to bolster their brand identity, enhance in-store foot traffic and, most notably, drive substantial profitability through the introduction of fresh citrus juice offerings.

The discussions resonated strongly with attendees, underscoring the appeal of the comprehensive approach to enhancing their business prospects.

Demonstrations showcased how the company’s high-quality commercial citrus juicers, when strategically placed at customers’ locations, can significantly amplify citrus volumes, delivering a mutually beneficial solution that strengthens the foundation of businesses and enhances consumer experiences.

The Citrus America booth became a focal point for attendees to witness the effortless operation and swift cleaning process of the juicers. The equipment was expertly disassembled in less than a minute, offering a striking example of the company’s commitment to user-friendly, hygienic and innovative design.

Throughout the event, Citrus America was steadfast in highlighting the hygienic features of its juicers, effectively addressing common concerns associated with other juicing equipment.

The event further came alive with culinary demonstrations, where Chef Justin from Fresh From Florida showcased a series of delectable creations, many of which featured citrus as a central component. These culinary showcases not only delighted the taste buds of attendees but also underscored the versatility of Citrus America’s products and their relevance to diverse culinary endeavors.

Collaborating with Noble Citrus, Citrus America was situated in a booth that offered a delightful assortment of freshly cut pomelos and, of course, the juicing of tangerines, reinforcing the company’s commitment to delivering quality and flavor.

Special guests, including Patrick Kelly, the esteemed host of the popular Produce Industry Podcast, made appearances at the Citrus America booth. Their interest and appreciation for the products added an extra layer of distinction to the company’s presence at the event and they joined in savoring the fresh, invigorating juices.

Citrus America also joined forces with Jac Vandenberg for an extraordinary juicing showcase, blending oranges and mandarins to perfection, creating a delightful and harmonious fusion.

The event also saw a showcase of Citrus America’s range of equipment, including the Citrocasa 8000SB-ATS mounted on a Rolling Stainless Steel Cabinet with a Bottle Display Shelf, designed to enhance operational efficiency and facilitate self-service operations.

Other key team members representing Citrus America at the booth included Sandy Bosch and Jacob Framson.

For more information on Citrus America, visit Citrus America.

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