August 17, 2023

DRINKS Technology Enables Imperfect Foods to Now Sell Wine Online

DRINKS, the pioneering and leading operating system for alcohol e-commerce, is now enabling Imperfect Foods to market wine – a first for the eco-forward online grocer.

DRINKS, which has powered the online wine category for Imperfect Foods’ parent company, Misfits Market, since early 2022, is now doing the same for Imperfect Foods through its WaaS platform. WaaS enables alcohol e-commerce for retailers, brands and marketplaces via a plug-and-play integration. It seamlessly integrates with any e-commerce platform and ensures order fulfillment and direct-to-home shipping using a network of licensed alcohol producers and retailers.

In practical terms, Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods are now both offering their shoppers a curated wine selection that fits the core principles of both brands’ eco-focused sourcing tenets. Like the wines available on Misfits Market, those featured on Imperfect Foods’ app and website will focus on organic and sustainable options, delivered in eco-friendly packaging, from wineries that protect and support the land where their grapes are raised.

The partnership will also help support Imperfect Foods’ mission to reduce food waste through a “Rescued Wine” program, which will feature wines with labels that have been scuffed or lightly marked and would not obtain prime shelf space at traditional retailers. As part of delivering outsized value to their members, Imperfect Foods’ will offer these high-quality wines at a deep discount. Similar to Misfits Market, “Rescued Wine” will be available during limited-time flash sales at Imperfect Foods.

“The DRINKS WaaS Platform was built to enable our partners to seamlessly establish and scale their alcohol business. Powering a wine offering for Imperfect Foods customers, after success in doing the same for Misfits Market, demonstrates how DRINKS continues to scale as our clients’ businesses grow,” said Zac Brandenberg, Co-Founder and CEO of DRINKS.

“Wine was our most-requested product that we could not easily offer due to the category’s tangle of regulatory and tax-compliance complexities. It’s nothing like selling an ugly apple,” said Ian Swainson VP, Strategy & Business Development of Misfits Market. “DRINKS has been a great partner powering our wine program at Misfits Market. They’ve helped us align our entry to the alcohol category with our mission by offering wines with sustainable practices, and we are excited to further support our mission by offering the same experience to Imperfect Foods customers.”

To learn more about DRINKS WaaS platform, which makes it possible for any business to be in the alcohol business, visit DRINKS.


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