October 25, 2023

Filippo Berio Highlights Advances in Quality, Innovation and Sustainability in Sustainability Report 2022

Filippo Berio, the 156-year-old Italian brand and one of the nation’s top-selling olive oil and pesto sauce companies, has a dedicated tradition of quality, innovation and sustainability and a new report issued by its parent company, Salov Group, provides evidence of the brand’s continued progress and commitment. Released Oct. 19, Sustainability Report 2022 notes key investments in projects to improve production efficiency, material sourcing and product packaging as well as in research to enhance energy savings, quality markers and agronomic methods. Results include measurable reductions in energy consumption, water withdrawal, emissions and waste. Additionally, it lays the groundwork for future endeavors through the company’s newly defined Sustainability Plan.

“At Salov, we firmly believe in the need for continuous improvement across all areas that impact our business and those around us, from fair and responsible innovation to sustainable models of production and consumption,” said Fabio Maccari, CEO of Salov. “We come from more than 150 years of history with the Filippo Berio brand, and it is our intention to extend its commendable tradition of caring for product, people and place.”

In Sustainability Report 2022, Salov documented gains across sustainability measures. Salov also expanded upon its network for the procurement of raw materials, growing to 12 certified supply chain partners for the production of extra virgin olive oil. These partners are integral to the Filippo Berio SUSTAINABLE SELECT Extra Virgin Olive Oil line, introduced to the US market in late 2022.

“The SUSTAINABLE SELECT Extra Virgin Olive Oil line offers US consumers a sustainable, fully traceable field-to-bottle experience,” said Dusan Kaljevic, CEO of Filippo Berio USA, Ltd. “The product line relies fully on olive groves cultivated using integrated farming techniques consistent with the principles of sustainable agriculture. Consumers have total transparency into the provenance of the oils, as we offer traceability from the grove to the bottle.”

“Additionally, the SUSTAINABLE SELECT Extra Virgin Olive Oil line is distinguished by third-party certification through SGS, a world leader in inspection and certification services,” continues Kaljevic, “and by its premium quality, which is achieved through more stringent control of chemical-physical parameters than those required by law.”

In Sustainability Report 2022, Salov noted its focus on waste reduction through the use of recycled and recyclable materials as well as sustainably sourced materials. In 2022, 46.5 percent of all materials used were recycled. Additionally, Salov and Filippo Berio turn to suppliers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to source paper for boxes and bottle labels.

In June 2022, the Filippo Berio brand became the first among leading companies in the US olive oil category to innovate in the packaging space by introducing a recyclable bottle made from 50 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET). The bottles require less energy to produce than PET bottles, while simultaneously minimizing plastic waste and reducing demand for new petrochemical resource extraction.

In recognition of the need to integrate sustainability throughout its organization, Salov articulated its priorities in 2022 in its first-ever Sustainability Plan. The plan is founded on four pillars: supply chain control; employee protection and human capital development; responsible communication; and quality, research and innovation.

The Sustainability Plan will be instrumental to Filippo Berio and its promise of enduring quality. In 2022, for example, the company embarked on a research project, coined Long Life Oil. In collaboration with the Region of Tuscany as well as other companies and institutions, the research project explores innovative technologies that may be applied to maintain the analytical and organoleptic characteristics of olive oil during a longer period of time.

Sustainability Report 2022 is the second edition of Salov’s publication, which is released every other year and compares results from the years 2020, 2021 and 2022. It was prepared according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards, and it was subject to validation by an independent third party in SGS. It was officially presented to the company’s top management at Villa Filippo Berio, which serves as an open-air research center and blends the brand’s storied past with present initiatives and hopes for the future.

Sustainability Report 2022 is available for download and viewing at Filipp0 Berio.



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