April 23, 2024

Heritage Kulfi Premium Ice Cream in Town and Country Markets in May

Heritage Kulfi, a line of premium kulfi ice cream with South Asian flavors, is set to launch in the US this month.

In South Asia, kulfi, a creamy, sweet, frozen dessert made in small batches courtesy of neighborhood street vendors, is one of the most delicious ways to cool off on a warm day with family and friends. Made by slow-cooking fresh milk with traditional ingredients such as saffron, rosewater and pistachio, kulfi is dense, creamy, slow-melting and tastes like home to South Asians around the world.

Founder and first-generation American Mansoor Ahmed grew up with the best of both worlds: the rich tradition of South Asian cuisine, imparted by his parents who immigrated to the US from Pakistan and American favorites including ice cream. He became passionate about combining the two and honoring the ingredients of his family’s culture in a fresh, new way. Instead of relying on flavor extracts, he used traditional recipes and cooking methods — carefully steeping whole Assam black tea leaves and sourcing the highest-quality, premium saffron threads handpicked from crocus flowers.

Heritage Kulfi offers a luxurious, thoughtful take on classic ice cream with flavors, textures and aromas that instantly transport you to South Asia: Saffron, Rosewater, Pistachio, Cardamom Chai, Alphonso Mango, Coconut, Earl Grey, Vanilla Bean, Malai Sweet Cream and Almond Blossom.

Deceptively simple at first glance, each bite reveals the robust flavors of Ahmed’s meticulous sourcing and handling of each exceptional ingredient. For example, Rosewater is reminiscent of a childhood favorite, falooda, all grown up with a fragrant, sophisticated, delicate rose flavor and gorgeous pink color. Only the “King of Mangos,” the Alphonso mango, will do for Heritage Kulfi; each pint tastes of the joyful peak summer season when these fresh “liquid gold” mangos are fleetingly available.

Every aspect of the production process is also given a similar attention to detail. Heritage Kulfi’s packaging is certified as sustainably sourced by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The company partners with regional farms to ensure the best flavor, the freshness of milk and cream and reduce the shipping footprint. All Heritage Kulfi’s ice creams are egg-free, halal, kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO and sweetened only with organic cane sugar.

“For so many South Asians, kulfi is part of treasured memories of home but it’s not something so easy to find here in the US,” said Mansoor Ahmed, founder and CEO of Heritage Kulfi. “I wanted to connect with my heritage and also reach those flavor-obsessed consumers who love exploring international cultures through food. I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to create and absolutely love seeing all the smiles when people try Heritage Kulfi for the first time.”

For a store locator or to purchase, visit Heritage Kulfi.

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