August 15, 2023

Idahoan Foods Launches Newest Product Line with Bold Flavors Including Hidden Valley Original Ranch

Idahoan Foods – the leading producer of quality, packaged potato products in the US– expands its portfolio with the launch of Idahoan Potato Shreds.

Idahoan Potato Shreds are made with 100 percent real Idaho potatoes that are shredded and mixed with craveable flavors including Hidden Valley Original Ranch and Triple Cheese. The new product is perfect for an on-the-go mid-day snack as it can be prepared in just a matter of minutes in a microwave.

“We are excited to debut our newest product line, Idahoan Potato Shreds. These potato-based microwaveable snack cups are available in delicious flavors beyond what is offered by traditional macaroni products, building upon our consumer-oriented innovation efforts,” shared Ryan Ellis, Vice President of Retail Marketing & Business Development at Idahoan Foods. “Triple Cheese and Hidden Valley Original Ranch are going to have widespread appeal out of the gate, but this is an expandable platform. Beyond being gluten-free, potatoes are an excellent canvas for mixing with sauces and flavors, and consumers are increasingly searching for satisfying and convenient snack options; which makes the new Potato Shreds a perfect addition to our product line up.”

“Ranch and potatoes are a classic combination, so it was only natural to team up with the experts in potatoes at Idahoan Foods,” said C.C. Ciafone, Director of Marketing at Hidden Valley Ranch. “The signature, zesty flavor of Hidden Valley Original Ranch melds perfectly with Idahoan’s first-of-its-kind Potato Shreds, making it a mash made in heaven.”

In addition, Idahoan is proud to introduce Idahoan Mashed Potatoes seasoned with Hidden Valley Original Ranch. Paired with Idahoan’s renowned mashed potato recipe, the Hidden Valley Original Ranch addition creates a flavorful combination that will appeal to a broad audience.

The new Idahoan Potato Shreds and Mashed Potato product will be widely available in September at retailers across the country. For more information, visit Idahoan and follow Idahoan Foods on FacebookInstagram, YouTube and TikTok.

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