November 10, 2022

It’s a Wonderful Life: Fans Rejoice in NadaMoo!’s Peppermint Bark Flavor Return

Dairy-free ice cream pioneer, NadaMoo!, is bringing back their fan favorite Peppermint Bark flavor just in time for the holiday season. Good on the inside and out, NadaMoo! remains on the “nice list” by staying true to their promise of being sustainably sourced and deliciously dairy-free.

Crafted with their delicious dairy-free, organic and coconut milk-based ice cream and swirled with chocolate fudge and peppermint pieces, NadaMoo!’s Peppermint Bark is a dessert everyone will enjoy. Make sure to stock up as this seasonal flavor is only available for a limited time at select retailers. Even more convenient, the Peppermint Bark (and all flavors) can also be ordered directly to your door on NadaMoo!.

“Whether you were drawn to our Peppermint Bark ice cream because of your love for the holidays or just a chocolate and peppermint desire, we are incredibly thrilled by the reception it has received so far,” said Daniel Nicholson, CEO and President of NadaMoo! “Our Peppermint Bark ice cream, regardless of if you are dairy-free or not, is a delightfully delicious option to indulge in.”

NadaMoo! is proud to provide the creamiest and most delicious taste with each bite of its coconut milk frozen desserts. With solely vegan options, NadaMoo! has remained committed to being a sustainable organization and is available in stores nationwide as well as on their website. Use their locator to find NadaMoo! pints in grocery and convenience stores across the country.

For more information, follow @nadamoo on Instagram and Twitter and @NadaMooIceCream on Facebook.

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