March 29, 2024

Just in Time for Eclipse: Jenni’s Drops New Cosmic Ice Creams

It’s been dubbed “the event of a lifetime.” “An astronomical experience like no other.” It’s inspired schools to cancel classes and businesses to close early. This rare celestial event — aka, the total solar eclipse on April 8 — that will plunge millions into total darkness in the middle of a Monday afternoon is, in short, kind of a big deal.

As if the excitement across the country wasn’t palpable enough, starting today Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is adding an exclamation point to eclipse season with the release of its latest collection, Punk Stargonaut — four flavors from a distant galaxy.

The collection imagines a fictional flight through space, where they gathered all the alien fruit they could find and then turned these otherworldly flavors into vibrant ice creams. Like a fragment of a half-remembered song, every one of Jeni’s four limited-edition ice creams feels familiar but just out of reach — layered to spark curiosity and keep customers guessing. And to remind us that we’re all made of stars, no matter what planet we come from.

The four colorful, Punk Stargonaut ice creams inspired by the cosmos include:

  • Nebula Berry — Brand new! A bright and bouncy ice cream that tastes tart like a blueberry and vibrant like a raspberry with a beautiful elderflower finish.
  • Cosmic Bloom — Brand new! The flavor is a tropical delicacy — citrusy like a mandarin, refreshing like a kiwi and punchy like passion fruit.
  • Purple Star Born — Brand new! Jeni’s first-ever grape ice cream! Intensely juicy with Concord grape and puckery blackcurrants.
  • Supermoon — The revival of a customer favorite! It tastes like candied violet and marshmallows — a combination reminiscent of marshmallow cereal milk.

The Punk Stargonaut Collection is available in Jeni’s scoop shops nationwide and online beginning today, March 28.

In addition, Jeni’s has also released a special topping, Space Dust—a fizzy popping candy that adds another dimension to all of its flavors. Space Dust is available as a topping in shops and also in take-home bags in scoop shops and online with the collection.

What’s more: Order the Punk Stargonaut Collection online by April 3 and receive four pairs of ISO-certified eclipse glasses in your shipment. In scoop shops starting Friday, April 5, customers can receive a pair of Jeni’s brand eclipse glasses free with purchase, while supplies last.

After the eclipse, Jeni’s is celebrating the celestial event with free Space Dust all day long on Monday, April 8.

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