December 6, 2023

Kraft Heinz’s MiO Provides ‘Insurance’ to Compensate for Unwanted Side Effects of Traditional Energy Drinks

The pressure of keeping up with school and work, while living on their own for the first time, has driven Gen-Z’s reliance on energy drinks to rise. While the energy drink market has surged by 71 percent since 2017, more than 55 percent of people face adverse effects such as jitters, headaches and fatigue, due to high sugar content, artificial additives and dehydrating ingredients. As finals approach and students are cramming for exams, they are at higher risk of experiencing these unwelcomed side effects.

MiO, the creator of the liquid concentrate category, is offering a solution with “Energy Drink Insurance,” addressing the pitfalls of traditional energy drinks head-on by compensating for damages caused by competitors. Starting today, participants can submit a claim to Energy Drink Insurance by describing their experience with energy drinks and the unwanted side effects it caused. MiO’s expert claims assessment team will evaluate and award compensation to select participants (ranging from $50 to $200) along with free MiO Energy to provide a source of better energy for next time.

“MiO goes beyond enhancing water; it’s about adding benefits, like energy, that elevates hydration” said Samantha Mills, Director, Brand Communications at Kraft Heinz. “With our new Energy Drink Insurance, we’re proving that MiO can help prevent unwelcomed energy side effects with a more uplifting alternative to ensure you stay energized and hydrated throughout your day.”

“Energy Drink Insurance” launches in parallel with MiO’s new campaign, Rolling Energy, aimed at empowering Gen-Z to get more out of their water, uplift their day and feel their most energized selves. MiO makes it easier to bring your best self to every situation, by adding benefits – like energy – to your water that uplift your every day. One squeeze of MiO powers Gen-Z with more energy, vitamins and electrolytes to feel good inside and radiant outside.

Using a visual approach centered around hydration, MiO created a vibrant world illustrating how the brand helps you squeeze more goodness out of your day. In its video assets, MiO used an infrared filming technique, to create a world devoid of color. In this world, characters become conduits of radiance, spreading vibrant color and energy with the help of MiO. The campaign launched across social and digital channels including Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok.

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