May 31, 2023

Local Bounti Becomes First Indoor Grower to Offer Salads with Chicken in Expansion of Popular Grab & Go Salad Kit Lineup

Local Bounti Corporation, a breakthrough US indoor agriculture company, has expanded its Grab & Go Salad Kit line to include premium, antibiotic-free white meat chicken in two new recipes, marking a category innovation for the controlled environment agriculture industry. Beginning in June, consumers in the Pacific Northwest will be able to find Local Bounti’s Artisanal Chicken Caesar and Memphis Style BBQ Chicken Salad Kits in the produce department of select local grocery stores.

Driven by its mission to “Nourish Humankind and Protect the Planet,” Local Bounti is leveraging its innovative indoor growing facilities and Stack & Flow Technology to offer fresher, high-quality and sustainable produce year-round. Local Bounti’s Grab & Go Salad Kit line features chef-inspired salads that are ready to eat, providing consumers with a convenient, healthy and delicious meal option.

“Our Grab & Go Salad Kit line has been well received by consumers, and we are thrilled to be expanding the line with the addition of two new varieties that feature premium, antibiotic-free white meat chicken,” said Local Bounti President, Brian Cook. “We doubled down on the incredible consumer demand for our existing Grab & Go Salad Kits by combining the same state-of-the-art growing techniques with chef-inspired flavors to offer two brand new and innovative products. We believe our Artisanal Chicken Caesar and Memphis Style BBQ Chicken Salad Kits will be a hit with consumers who are looking for fresh and convenient meal options that are also a good source of protein.”

For more information on Local Bounti and its products, click here.

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