December 8, 2023

Metavo, The World’s First Plant-Based, Metabolic Health Supplements Brands with AvoB Expands Product Offerings Designed to Address Additional Need States

Today, SP Nutraceuticals unveiled three new product innovations under the Metavo brand across US retail, including Metavo Weight Support, Metavo Glucose Metabolism Support and Metavo Weight Support Meal Replacement Powders. The expansion comes soon after Metavo launched in North America as the world’s first plant-based metabolism management supplement brand with AvoB.

Featuring the proprietary avocado compound AvoB, Metavo activates metabolism at the cellular level, enabling the body to properly metabolize fats, proteins and carbs to help improve insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance and energy. The innovations offer new ways for people to proactively support their metabolic health and activate their metabolism naturally to address specific need states like weight loss, glucose management and meal replacements without losing lean muscle. The new product offerings include:

  • Metavo Weight Support – A first-of-its kind innovative plant-based metabolism activator with clinically proven key ingredients that helps to lose weight, burn fat, curb hunger cravings and provide increased energy.
  • Metavo Glucose Metabolism Support – A plant-based, non-GMO glucose metabolism support supplement that targets the source of metabolic inflexibility to increase insulin sensitivity in the mitochondria muscle, liver and pancreas cells while having the clinically proven ingredient Berberine to support metabolic health.
  • Metavo Weight Support Meal Replacement Powders – An innovative plant-based ‘clean label’ meal replacement powder designed to be the perfect ‘metabolic’ meal, which comes in both vanilla and chocolate and satisfies hunger.

Metavo was developed by world-renowned scientist Dr. Paul Spagnuolo, Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph, who discovered that an avocado bioactive compound, Avocatin B, also known as AvoB, can support mitochondria health at the cellular level, leading to the development of Metavo.

“We are thrilled to share these first-of-its kind product innovations across the US to further show how Metavo provides the optimal plant-based solution for those seeking metabolic health support,” said Dr. Paul Spagnuolo, Associate Professor, University of Guelph. “Metavo can seamlessly integrate into daily health routines for those looking to naturally improve their metabolisms, lose weight without losing muscle, manage their glucose, satisfy hunger, increase energy and now nourish their body. Plus, Metavo is also eligible to be covered by HSA/FSA plans through TrueMed.”

Metavo Weight Support, Metavo Glucose Metabolism Support and Metavo Weight Support Meal Replacement Powders are all Project Verified Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan. They can be found across the US online and in select grocery stores including Amazon, Walgreens, HEB, Weis Markets, Tops Markets, Mom’s Organic, Woodmans, Sedano, Miners, Vitacost and more. Products retail for $32.99. To purchase online or find the store closest to you, please visit Metavo.

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