August 22, 2023

Oscar Mayer Debuts Hot Dog Straw, Paying Tribute to Viral Video that Stunned the Nation

One year ago today, the viral ‘Hot Dog Straw’ video generated more than 9 billion views on TikTok. The video sparked nationwide shock and awe that one would use a hot dog as a straw, let alone as a vessel to enjoy an ice-cold beer. In honor of its one-year anniversary, Oscar Mayer is commemorating this key moment in hot dog history by showing fans they don’t have to take food rules so seriously—because nothing is as fun and enjoyable as a delicious hot dog.

Using a delicious Oscar Mayer wiener as its muse, the Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Straw mirrors the same size and color of a delicious, cooked dog and is made using food safe soft silicone to replicate the feel of a real Oscar Mayer hot dog. The Hot Dog Straw is available for pre-order nationwide on while supplies last.

Whether you believe that a hot dog is a sandwich or have strong opinions on the condiments that belong on a delicious dog, one piece of etiquette remains the same: hot dogs are served on a bun. Originally captured by “New York Nico,” the viral ‘Hot Dog Straw’ changed the rules forever, vindicating the 54 percent of people who agree that beer is the ideal beverage to pair with a hot dog and providing them with an easy shortcut.

“While the viral ‘Hot Dog Straw’ divided the internet, we salute the brave man who paved the way to enjoy his hot dog as he wishes,” said Kelsey Rice, Associate Director, Oscar Mayer. “Taking inspiration from a classic Oscar Mayer dog, the silicone Hot Dog Straw is designed for optimal sipping, and we hope it brings a friendly reminder that we don’t need to take enjoying a delicious hot dog seriously. Some things are just meant to be fun.”

A natural extension of the brand’s iconic “Keep it Oscar” platform, the meaty innovation is sparking smiles and bringing levity to fans’ everyday food routines. “Keep it Oscar” empowers all to enjoy themselves with seriously delicious meats, including Oscar Mayer’s 100 percent Beef Franks, Wieners, Cheese Dogs and more.

To learn more about the Oscar Mayer Hot Straw, follow @NewYorkNico and @OscarMayer on Instagram.

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