October 20, 2023

Painterland Sisters Raise More than $500,000 in Crowdfunding Investments

Painterland Sisters, a women and farmer-owned organic, lactose-free skyr yogurt brand, has raised more than $500,000 from more than 250 investors in its Wefunder crowdfunding campaign. In its first 12 months of business, Painterland Sisters achieved $1.3 million in sales and is on track to hit $3.5 million in top-line sales in 2023. Their yogurt is now in almost 2,000 locations nationwide, in 49 states and is now the fastest-growing yogurt brand in terms of unit and dollar percentage YoY in the natural channel (SPINS, last 12-wk 4/1/23).

With remarkable growth and immense potential for expansion, investors have the chance to join a promising long-term opportunity for this rapidly growing company.

“Investing is an incredible opportunity to join our impactful company working hard to create a sustainable future, all with the potential to make a significant financial return on investment,” said Painterland Sisters co-founder Hayley Painter. “Our vision is to foster long-term growth and establish our presence in the yogurt sector and beyond, leaving a lasting impact that transcends generations.”

Stephanie Painter, co-founder of Painterland Sisters, added, “We have opened this investment opportunity to accelerate our growth and allow our supporters to share in the rewards of our success. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey!

Since 2022, Painterland Sisters has experienced explosive growth within the organic yogurt sector.

“In the last two months, we’ve more than doubled our sales orders,” said Stephanie Painter. “We’re seeing significant growth due to the introduction of new SKUs, expansion into more retail locations and overall increased demand.”

Earlier this fall, Painterland Sisters won a prestigious NEXTY Award at the 2023 Natural Products Expo East in the category of Best New Meat, Dairy or Animal-Based Product for their 24-oz Plain Organic Skyr Yogurt.

Learn more about Painterland Sisters and explore their investment campaign: here.

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