December 20, 2022

360PR+ Adds Mission-Led Brands Do Good Chicken and Little Leaf Farms to Growing Food & Beverage Practice

360PR+ has added clients Do Good Chicken, the first chicken brand that fights food waste and combats climate change and Little Leaf Farms, the country’s No. 1 brand of packaged lettuce sustainably grown through controlled environment agriculture, to its thriving Food & Beverage practice. The brands join other food and beverage leaders, innovators and trusted brands represented by the agency, among them United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI), the largest publicly traded grocery distributor in the United States, Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, One Degree Organic Foods, Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery and Nasoya, the country’s No. 1 brand of tofu.

Do Good Chicken and Little Leaf Farms share a similar commitment to pioneering positive change in their respective industries and to providing consumers with more sustainable options on grocery store shelves. As such, the agency’s work for both clients will focus on driving awareness of the brands’ innovative products as well as elevating their founders’ voices to further their shared mission of pioneering a better model of production in their respective industries.

To help combat the significant effects of food waste as a contributor to climate change, Do Good Chicken employs a closed-loop system, working with grocers to upcycle their surplus food (after community donations) into nutritious feed for its hens. As of October, Do Good Chicken sales were responsible for diverting more than 11 million pounds of leftover grocery food from landfills, thus preventing more than 1,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases (CO2e) from entering the atmosphere.

Little Leaf Farms has similarly pioneered a better-for-the-planet production model. In fact, Little Leaf Farms’ production methods stand in stark contrast to most lettuce on grocery store shelves today, which travels thousands of miles before it reaches the store, with every day spent on the truck sacrificing both fuel and freshness. In contrast, Little Leaf Farms produces consistently fresh, local greens, all year round – all delivered from its state-of-the-art greenhouse farms to the grocery store within 24 hours of being harvested.

“We’re so pleased to have welcomed Do Good Chicken and Little Leaf Farms to 360PR+ in 2022 and look forward to helping them build even greater brand awareness in 2023 and beyond,” said Victoria Renwick, Chief Client Officer and Partner at 360PR+. “These two brands are some of the most innovative in the food industry right now and are well-aligned with our team’s passion for sustainable, entrepreneurial brands.”

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