November 8, 2023

6 Seeds Announces Leadership Appointment and Strategic Expansion into North America

6 Seeds, a technology-enabled growth consultancy, today announced the strategic appointment of Andreas Düss to its leadership team and the expansion into North America with a new office in Toronto, Canada. This move underscores 6 Seeds’ commitment to becoming the premier partner for innovative and mission-driven challenger brands and global leaders in the food, drink and agriculture sectors.

Andreas Düss, the newly appointed COO, brings an exceptional track record as a marketing strategist and sought-after keynote speaker on the transformative power of technology in the future of food.

“Andreas’ insights into leveraging technology levels the playing field for challenger brands. His addition to our team reinforces our mission to address a pressing global challenge: feeding an additional 2 billion people by 2050,” said Kate Burns, CEO of 6 Seeds, formerly at the helm of Google Europe and holding senior roles at AOL, Bebo and Buzzfeed.

In a sector where the stakes are high and most new product introductions fail, 6 Seeds leverages GenAI technology to turn the tide. Articulating this strategic edge in a recent interview with the Globe and Mail, Burns and Düss showcased how 6 Seeds uses predictive AI technology, such as Tastewise, to uncover actionable insights from an expanse of data — more than 30 trillion data points that capture consumer behaviour and emergent trends.

“Traditionally, the industry has witnessed a low success rate in product launches, with a significant number of innovations failing to maintain market presence. Our adoption of predictive AI tools marks a pivotal shift from intuition-based decisions to data-driven strategies. This innovative approach not only enhances the speed and efficacy of bringing products to market but also significantly improves the success rate,” said Düss.

“Our expansion is more than geographical—it’s a leap into the future of food and agriculture,” Burns asserted. “By harnessing real-time insights and predictive analytics, we’re not just keeping pace with consumer trends, we’re forecasting them, ensuring our clients’ products don’t merely succeed but lead the market.”

6 Seeds’ data-driven approach was highlighted at the Generative AI Food Pioneers Summit held in London, UK last month, where Burns was a keynote speaker. Together with its partners, Tastewise and Waitrose, 6 Seeds showcased an AI-driven recipe that was developed and prepared in real-time and streamed live to an audience.

With sights set on future growth, 6 Seeds is preparing to introduce a venture capital division in 2024, focusing on investments and partnerships with visionary food founders intent on making significant global impact.

“At 6 Seeds, we’re committed to those who innovate for the greater good—nourishing humanity and safeguarding our planet,” Burns remarked.

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