February 2, 2023

A-Sha Noodles Launches Mandarin Noodles with Reduced Sodium

A-Sha Noodles, the cult-favorite, AAPI-owned noodle brand known for its patented 100-year-old legacy noodle recipe from Tainan, Taiwan has unveiled its new Mandarin Noodles with Reduced Sodium.

All A-Sha noodle products are simply made with wheat, salt and water, receive a unique 18-hour air-drying technique (never fried or frozen) and are packed with plant-based protein. In addition to their signature air-dried noodles, A-Sha Noodles are known for their collaborations with iconic brands like David Chang’s Momofuku, Hello Kitty and BT21. The new Mandarin Noodles with Reduced Sodium offer the same great taste as the rest of A-Sha’s products but with 40 percent less sodium than instant ramen noodles (sodium has been reduced from 1760mg to 1030mg).

A-Sha Noodles is on Impact’s affiliate platform. The Mandarin Noodles with Reduced Sodium are available online and in Costco Texas and Bay Area.


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