May 13, 2022

Abbot’s Butcher Expands into Target, Additional The Fresh Market and Fresh Thyme Stores

 Abbot’s Butcher, the makers of premium plant-based meats, will commence national distribution at Target, with the retailer carrying Abbot’s Butcher’s “Chorizo” at 1,215 stores nationwide. Additionally, Abbot’s Butcher is expanding into 159 The Fresh Market stores and 73 Fresh Thyme stores with its full portfolio of plant-based products including “Chorizo,” “Ground “Beef” and Chopped Chick’n.

“We are excited to partner with Target, The Fresh Market and Fresh Thyme to give more people access to our delicious plant-based meats that are crafted with exceptional ingredients, never a trace of additives, natural flavors, soy or canola,” said Founder and CEO Kerry Song. “Our products are everyday essentials that fit seamlessly into daily routines, so you can enjoy your favorite recipes—made plant-based.”

Abbot’s has seen a 700 percent sales growth in the natural channel through the past year and is projecting to triple that growth in 2022 in part due to retail expansions like Target, The Fresh Market and Fresh Thyme.

“I’m proud of our team and the rapid growth we’ve accomplished in a short time. We have shown that consumer demand is high for simple, clean and wholesome plant-based meats from the double-digit velocity growth we’ve seen over the last year at Whole Foods Market,” said Song. “We’re just getting started, and I couldn’t be more confident about the future.”

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