January 3, 2024

Ahold Delhaize Launches Updated Climate Plan

Ahold Delhaize launches its updated Climate Plan. Building on last year’s plan, we have made significant strides in three key areas: 1) We have refined our decarbonization levers with quantified potential greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. 2) We have sharpened which categories feed into the reduction target for our value chain. 3) We address the challenges we face in meeting reductions.

“We commit to 1.5 degrees”

Frans Muller, CEO Ahold Delhaize: “Humanity has been living beyond its means, depleting planetary resources and stretching the boundaries of what our earth can carry. Ahold Delhaize is taking action. We lead the transformation to a healthy and sustainable food system.”

To support this, we have set science-based (SBTi) emission reduction targets for our own operations (scope 1 and 2) as well as our entire value chain (scope 3) in line with the UN’s goal to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Additionally, we conducted research to identify the levers we need to pull for each scope and presented these in our Climate Plan last year.

Jan-Ernst de Groot, CLO and CSO Ahold Delhaize: “With this update, we are taking an important step forward in defining a clear action plan on both our net-zero targets and interim (2030) targets. The challenge with long term net-zero targets is to connect these with immediate actions as well as concrete plans for interim targets. Ahold Delhaize is addressing this by providing a new level of disclosure in this plan.”

For a full update, visit the company’s official press release.

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