Albertsons Companies Implements Social Distancing Protocol Across All Stores March 25, 2020

Albertsons Companies Implements Social Distancing Protocol Across All Stores

Albertsons Companies recently announced the company has started implementing social distancing protocols across all 2,200+ stores. The goal is to follow guidance from the CDC to prevent customers from being within 6 feet of any other person for more than 10 minutes. Customers can expect to see changes continue during the coming weeks.

“Social distancing can make a significant difference in our communities as we face this pandemic,” said Vivek Sankaran, President and CEO. “Our stores are following the guidance from the CDC with regard to regular hand washing and enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols. We believe that the next step toward helping slow and contain the COVID-19 virus is by reinforcing proper social distancing whenever possible.”  

The company is installing designated waiting points with floor markers positioned throughout the store, especially at checkout stands and stations where people most often congregate, such as the service deli, bakeries and pharmacy areas. Customers will also be asked to wait until the customer in front of them has finished collecting their groceries before unloading their groceries at the check stand. 

“We have seen our customers begin to implement social distancing on their own with our ‘two carts apart’ reminders as they shop our stores, so we think our floor markers will increase awareness,” said Sankaran. “We know that with our customers’ help, along with other safety measures have implemented in our stores, we can create safer environments and help our communities contain the spread of this contagious disease.”

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