April 25, 2024

All Ya’lls Foods Debuts Charming Mascot Plus New Customer Program to Reward Good Deeds

Introducing Luna the Longhorn
With a nod to their Texas roots, while looking ahead to a healthier, more sustainable way of living, All Y’alls Foods is thrilled to introduce Luna the Longhorn as their official mascot. Luna might seem like a bright-eyed, cheerful gal, but her life wasn’t always carefree. As her story goes, this bovine was raised for traditional agriculture — in other words, destined for slaughter. Fortunately, a compassionate couple at auction noticed her potential as a kind, gentle soul and rescued her. Luna now enjoys life in happier pastures as an ambassador of strength and resilience, inspiring people along their journeys of compassion and saying that transformation is always possible and worth it.

Unveiling Compassion Corral: a new rewards program that incentivizes good deeds
By offering delicious jerky and Bacony Bits, which helps displace the need for animal involvement, All Y’alls Foods spreads compassion — and now they’re taking it one step further with a rewards program. The brand encourages customers to infuse kindness into their daily lives by completing compassionate acts, which translate into points on their online Compassion Corral. These points are redeemable for order discounts on tender jerky and crunchy bacony bits or can help fund Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, a Texas cattle ranch turned farm animal sanctuary. Customers can also receive points for creating an account, referring friends, making online purchases and following on social media. Creating an account is free here.

The Compassion Corral is All Y’alls way of rewarding customers for being positive forces in their communities. Any act of compassion is recognized and some examples include offering to babysit for a friend, putting a bird feeder in the yard or cleaning up trash in the neighborhood.

Coming May 18th: All’s Y’alls First Cookbook
All Y’alls Foods will release their first-ever cookbook on May 18th in honor of the company’s 6th anniversary. This collection of bold, global flavors is a collaboration with cookbook author and food blogger Hannah Kaminsky. The All Y’alls cookbook includes 40 plant-powered recipes that feature either a jerky or bacony bit element, from Eggless Omelet Bites and Elvis Pancakes to Carnitas Tacos and Kimchi Fried Rice. The cookbook showcases how jerky and bacony bits can be more than satisfying standalone snacks — they’re also hearty meal starters, versatile in elevating all kinds of recipes.

A mouthwatering, new tasty topper joins the All Y’alls lineup
Building on the success of Big Crunchy Bacony Bits, an Amazon bestseller, All Y’alls Foods will unveil an exciting new product this summer to join the lineup of tasty toppers. Fans can expect a protein-packed, crowd-pleasing new flavor, and cheese lovers should pay special attention to All Y’all’s newest culinary innovation.

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