December 12, 2022

All Y’all’s Foods Hits Highest Sales Month of 2022 on Amazon

All Y’alls Foods, a plant-based proteins maker of It’s Jerky Y’all, available in three flavors: Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Prickly Pear Teriyaki and Prickly Pear Chipotle and It’s Big Crunchy Bacony Bits Y’all, continues to grow with their most robust month of Amazon sales – exceeding last year’s sales by 100 percent.

Founder and CEO Brett Christoffel said, “Amazon has grown into a vital part of All Y’alls sales. The size and reach of the audience, the number of folks seeking what we offer, and the repeat purchases have made it a viable channel that continues to support our growth in the plant-based proteins category.”

As consumer attitudes toward animal protein continue to change, All Y’alls Foods is growing in all sales channels, including (and especially) on Amazon. “Doubling our sales is not only great for us,” said Christie Carter, CMO. “It proves more people are including alternative proteins in their diet, which is great for them, the animals and our environment. Amazon is a marketplace where plant-curious folks who want to try alternative proteins can discover new options. Our jerky and bits are often Amazon’s Choice for top category searches.”

Founded in 2018 by native Texan Brett Christoffel, All Y’alls Foods is redefining Texas protein traditions by offering bold-flavored, unique plant-based proteins to nourish consumers, support animal welfare and be kinder to the planet. All snacks are protein and fiber-packed, gluten and cholesterol-free and made from whole non-GMO soybeans. A portion of every bag sold goes to helping rescued animals at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.

For more information, visit All Y’alls Foods.

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