December 9, 2023

All Y’alls Foods Introduces Cinnamon Churro Jerky: A Fusion of Texas Flavor and Mexican Tradition

All Y’alls Foods, a Texas-based mission-driven leader in plant-based proteins, announces the newest addition to its lineup: Cinnamon Churro Jerky. The new jerky flavor has its roots in Texas and Mexico while delivering something unique. For the many who avoid animal products or are plant-curious, All Y’alls Foods continues to show being vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean eating can’t be both delicious and fun.

All Y’alls Foods is committed to providing premium quality plant-based protein snacks. An essential element of this is its use of whole non-GMO soybeans, which can be rare in the industry. Customers can count on the snacks to be protein and fiber-packed, gluten and cholesterol-free.

Brett Christoffel, founder and CEO of All Y’alls Foods, said, “Bold & Unique flavors are our calling card. With Cinnamon Churro Jerky, our fourth flavor release, we deliver an unapologetic blend of cinnamon and sugar. So, imagine the exciting sounds of the Mariachi meeting up with the energetic fun of a Texas Hoedown. All in one bite.”

Crafted with close attention to culinary detail, the Cinnamon Churro Jerky offers a sensory journey mirroring Texas and Mexico’s vast and varied landscapes, a region celebrated for its food. Christoffel explained, “Creating these flavors is akin to storytelling for us. You’re not just getting a snack when you taste our Cinnamon Churro Jerky. You’re diving into the history, geography and ethos of Texas Big Bend Country. We have more new flavors to share in 2024.”

Beyond its taste, Cinnamon Churro Jerky represents a commitment to sustainability and animal welfare. All Y’all Foods’ plant-based jerky products utilize only 10 percent of the water, land and fuel required for animal-based proteins, offering a more environmentally friendly option. What may also surprise many is the plant-based protein formula used by All Y’alls is more nutritious than animal protein. Their plant protein contains higher levels of protein, calcium, magnesium and iron than beef. This has made plant-based jerky a favorite with athletes who want to keep protein high while respecting the environment. A portion of every sale supports Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, the first cattle ranch turned vegan animal sanctuary in Texas, where they currently care for 135 animals, 70 of those being bovines.

Cinnamon Churro Jerky is available in limited quantities only through the All Y’alls Foods website.



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