September 17, 2018

Amazon launches Amazon Storefronts

On Sept. 17, 2018 Amazon announced the launch of its new venture — Amazon Storefronts that features products from small- and medium-sized businesses. The Seattle-based company said in a statement that it launched the new store to offer customers an easy way to buy from small- and medium-sized businesses across all 50 states. Customers can shop from more than 25 product categories including Back to School, Halloween, Home, Kitchen, Pet Supplies and Books and learn more about the featured businesses through stories and videos.

“We’ve created a custom, one-stop shopping experience for customers looking for interesting, innovative and high-quality products from American businesses from all across the country,” said Nicholas Denissen, Vice President for Amazon. “Amazon first invited businesses to sell on Amazon nearly two decades ago, and today, small- and medium-sized businesses are a vital part of Amazon’s large selection and commitment to customers,” Denissen said. “We’re championing their success with this new store and a national advertising campaign featuring a successful Michigan business selling on Amazon to customers across the US and worldwide,” he added.


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