September 5, 2018

Amazon opens third Go store

A week after it opened a second Amazon Go in downtown Seattle, Amazon’s newest and largest cashierless store was unveiled at Boren Avenue North and Thomas Street in Seattle’s South Lake Union area. The 2,100 sq.-ft. store is located in a building that also houses the Amazon offices and will use the same camera and weight sensor technology that it uses in its earlier stores.  

The Seattle Times reported that the store will sell breakfast, lunch and deli items, groceries as well as Amazon Meal Kits, similar to the previous two stores the company opened earlier this year. In January 2018, the e-commerce giant opened its first 1,800 sq. ft. store at its Seattle headquarters and on Monday last week, it opened a smaller 1,450 sq.ft. store on Marion and 5th.

Media reports based on job postings by Amazon hinted at the possibility of the company opening more Amazon Go stores in Chicago and San Francisco.

Meanwhile in San Diego, Amazon announced it was expanding its Tech Hub that would create 300 new high-tech jobs in fields including software development, machine learning, cloud computing and digital entertainment. The expansion will allow Amazon to double its tech workforce in the area.



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