November 20, 2023

Amia’s ‘Trigger Free’ Foods Line Debuts, Tailored Towards People Living with Migraine

Amia, a Texas-based CPG startup, has launched the nation’s first migraine-friendly snack line. Built in collaboration with prominent NYC neurologist and migraine specialist Dr. Alexander Mauskop, Amia is bringing functional food to the migraine market through an assortment of snack bars free of common migraine triggers and packed with natural sources of migraine support.

Comparable to the allergen-free food category that caters to individuals with sensitivities to any of the 14 common allergies, the “Trigger Free” category sets a bold precedent, ensuring that the nearly 40 million Americans living with migraine can savor snacks without fear.

Amia is launching with 3 flavors of its Baked Oat and Seed Bars including a Coconut, Cinnamon and Original. Bars consist of a nutritious, flavorful mix of gluten-free rolled oats and a blend of superfood seeds including chia seeds, hemp hearts, ground flax and pepita seeds. Amia bars are currently selling exclusively online here.

“These bars address several problems patients with migraines face,” said Mauskop, a prominent neurologist and migraine specialist. “Hunger is a common trigger and I always struggle deciding what to recommend for a snack between meals or at night. The problem with most snacks is that they have too much sugar, or they contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives, chocolate or other triggering ingredients.”

“Snack bars are our initial foray into a far-reaching mission, one dedicated to simplifying the dietary choices of those contending daily with migraine triggers,” said Jon Katz, Founder and CEO of Amia.

Inspired by the book, Heal Your Headache, every snack bar Amia produces will be free of the most common migraine triggers. Foods like nuts, chocolate, soy, gluten, artificial sweeteners and dairy are common ingredients in many snacks on the market today, all of which are generally accepted migraine triggers.

Amia was founded by career entrepreneur, Jon Katz, who has been getting migraine attacks since he was seven years old. After an intense cluster of attacks in early 2023, Katz made it his mission to find simple ways to avoid common migraine triggers.

Amia bars are freshly baked and available just in time for the holiday season. Click here for more information or to place an order.




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