November 1, 2023

Arctic Blue Offers Fish Oil for Whole Family

Arctic Blue, a Dutch health and wellness brand, introduces itself to the US market as a high-quality fish oil supplement suitable for the entire family, including pets.

“Our products are a new generation of fish oils,” said Owner Ludo van de Wiel. “Our oils are sourced from pristine Arctic waters in regions like Norway and Alaska. The oil is sustainable, as it’s harvested from fillet trimmings, often right on the fishing boats when the fish is as fresh as possible.”

Van de Wiel adds that one of the biggest issues with fish oil supplements is getting kids to take them. “We’re crazy about omega-3 and many adults are, as well,” he said. “But it’s hard to get a kid to accept that the unpleasant taste and fishy burps are worth the trouble. That’s why we take great care to avoid that fishy taste in the first place.”

To achieve this positive, palatable flavor profile, Van de Wiel has set up strict production standards for his enterprise. Arctic Blue products are processed using oils that are clean, pure and fresh. This avoids oxidation, which creates the unpleasant “fishy” taste most people are familiar with.

Along with a clean, non-fishy taste, Arctic Blue products are gently flavored and come in liquid, capsule and gummy forms. They are vegan, as well and are sustainably made, making them excellent options for health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers. The brand even has both liquid and capsule products for dogs and cats.

Arctic Blue oils are a good option to use during pregnancy, too. While all supplements taken during pregnancy should be discussed with a primary care physician, omega-3 fish oil is generally considered safe. However, it’s worth noting that the American Pregnancy Association emphasizes the need to use high-quality products to avoid contamination. This is a standard that Arctic Blue meets without issue, thanks to its elite production process, immaculate ingredients and third-party MSC certification.

From parents to pets, pregnancy to adulthood, diets to eco-friendly convictions, Arctic Blue accommodates the entire family with its wide range of high-quality products. Learn more at Arctic-Blue.

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