October 25, 2022

Armored Fresh Launches Line of Plant-Based Cheeses in US

Global Food Tech company Armored Fresh announces the US launch of its plant-based cheese products in more than 100 supermarkets located throughout New York City. Armored Fresh, after raising $23 million in Series Pre-B funding, will be debuting three types of cubed cheese (cheddar, plain, blueberry) to American consumers for the first time through retail distribution in Key Foods, Met Fresh, C Town, City Acres, & Associated stores throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Starting late November, Armored Fresh Cubed Cheese will be available for purchase nationally on the Armored Fresh website.

Armored Fresh’s plant-based cheese is made using an innovative technique that mimics the process of creating dairy cheese, substituting almond milk and plant-based lactic acid. This gives Armored Fresh’s cheese a soft texture comparable to that of regular cheese and its characteristic fragrant flavor. The addition of ‘Key-mix,’ infuses nutrients to create a healthy, plant-based cheese that doesn’t sacrifice taste. The plant-based cheese also contains protein at a level similar to that of dairy cheese, with up to 20 precent per 100 g.

The company’s expansion in the New York regional market signifies their entry into the global vegan market, with the United States being Armored Fresh’s first selling point.

“It’s a great privilege and pleasure of mine to be able to partake in this exciting launch of Armored Fresh Cheese. We understand that the US market for cheese is one of the biggest in the world and there is a need for great tasting plant-based cheese. Understanding the demand from consumers for a cheese that taste great and provide great nutrients is a passion of our company; therefore, to be able to be part of that change is truly exciting for me,” said Daniel Yang, Sales Manager of Armored Fresh USA.

The company has plans to expand to New Jersey by end of year through retail distribution in more than 300 stores and is in discussion to enter national grocery retailers including Kroger, Wegmans, Albertsons Companies, US Foods, United Natural Foods (UNFI) and KeHE. The company also plans to focus on securing various offline distribution networks to expand its contract points with global consumers. For more information, visit Armored Fresh.

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