May 12, 2022

AYO Foods Partners with Chef Zoe Adjonyoh of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

AYO Foods, the first-ever national West African frozen brand known for premium meals and hot sauces, brings the recipes of Chef Zoe Adjonyoh to US grocery stores through a new partnership.

As chef, writer, entrepreneur and founder of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, Adjonyoh has been pioneering modern West African food in the forms of global supper clubs, her namesake restaurant, pop-ups, street food and events since 2010. Adjonyoh’s acclaimed cookbook, republished and released nationwide in 2021, earned a spot on The New York Times Best Cookbooks of 2021 List.

By teaming up with AYO Foods, Adjonyoh expands access to her signature dishes, while diversifying frozen aisles around the country. 

Launched May 8 in Sprouts Farmers Market stores nationwide, Adjonyoh’s new frozen entrees include:

  • Aboboi – plant based and vegan, this summery stew is layered with flavors from bambara beans, red peppers and chiles and Chef Adjonyoh’s well-known spice blends.
  • Groundnut Stew – whether you know it as West African peanut soup, Ghanaian groundnut stew, Nkate Nkawan or Maafe, this delicious peanut-tomato chicken stew makes a hearty, protein-packed meal. 

“One of our missions at AYO Foods is to make West African flavors more accessible. By collaborating with Chef Zoe Adjonyoh, we can share her culinary talent with a new audience,” said AYO Co-Founder, Perteet Spencer. “We view Chef Adjonyoh’s new dishes as a valuable opportunity to expand palates while shifting perspectives on what belongs in the grocery store.”

“As an advocate for the wider adoption of New African cuisine, I’m very excited to team up with AYO Foods and help make this possible,” said Adjonyoh. “Food is a powerful source of connection and I hope the meals we created foster greater appreciation for West Africa’s gastronomic heritage.”

Launched in July 2020 by married couple Perteet and Fred Spencer, AYO Foods was inspired by Perteet’s Liberian family and the couple’s desire to bring greater inclusivity to grocery store aisles. In one year, AYO Foods grew from 50 retailers to more than 4,000 nationwide, while also launching a line of hot sauces. As part of an effort to highlight West African chefs, AYO previously partnered with Ghanian-born, Top Chef Alum Eric Adjepong for a line of specialty dishes, including Waakye (Beans and Rice) and Chicken Yassa. 

AYO, which means joy in Yoruba, features nutrient-dense, flavor-rich frozen entrees and hot sauces that are conveniently packaged and easy to prepare. To locate a retailer, visit the company’s website

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