February 6, 2024

Bako Sweet Celebrates National Sweet Potato Month and National Heart Month with Heart-Healthy Initiatives

Bako Sweet is celebrating National Sweet Potato Month and National Heart Month this February with a range of initiatives aimed at promoting the health benefits of sweet potatoes and encouraging increased consumption.

According to the company, this month marks a unique opportunity for retailers to educate shoppers on the benefits of sweet potatoes and engage with them creatively. Bako Sweet carries the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Heart Check Certification on all value-added packaging, communicating directly to consumers the heart-healthy benefits of sweet potatoes. The prestigious distinction enhances the Bako Sweet brand by highlighting its commitment to heart health.

To further elevate the brand, Bako Sweet’s eye-catching shipper display bin is available for retailers to emphasize the heart-healthy benefits of sweet potatoes.

“It is really important to us that our partners have a way to engage shoppers throughout the year to showcase the versatility and everyday use of sweet potatoes,” said Susan Noritake, director of sales at Bako Sweet. “We’re kicking off with our heart-healthy themed shippers and will continue to offer display bins for Easter, summer grilling, back to school and holidays.”

Bako Sweet is also elevating its recipe library for those looking for new ways to incorporate sweet potatoes, healthier takes on Valentine’s Day treats or inspiration for a heart-healthy meal. These recipes live on the brand’s website and will be shared throughout the month on Bako Sweet’s social media pages as well.

To support the brand’s key messaging this February, media dietitian Kristen Carli with Camelback Nutrition & Wellness shared creative and healthy ways to incorporate sweet potatoes into slow cooker meals on Arizona Daily Mix. Food stylist Patty Mastracco with I Do Food shared creative ways to incorporate heart-healthy sweet potatoes for the Big Game on Great Day Fresno, and  later this month, media dietitian Veronica Rouse with The Heart Dietitian will speak to AZTV about the heart health benefits of sweet potatoes and why they are important to incorporate into everyday meals.

“Bako Sweet Potatoes stand out as a heart-healthy powerhouse, boasting a wealth of fiber and potassium that actively contribute to lowering cholesterol levels and maintaining optimal blood pressure,” emphasized heart dietitian Veronica Rouse. “Incorporating this messaging in the promotion of sweet potatoes at the retail level serves as an excellent strategy to underscore to shoppers the invaluable benefits of adding sweet potatoes into their daily diet.”

For more information about Bako Sweet, visit Bako Sweet or contact the sales team at sales@countrysweetproduce.com or 661-858-1075 to place an order.

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