November 3, 2023

Bako Sweet Elevates Sweet Potatoes for the Holiday Season

Sweet potato brand Bako Sweet is partnering with retailers to transform holiday produce displays and champion sweet potatoes as the ultimate holiday must-have this season.

Bako Sweet’s innovative product line and captivating packaging make it easy for shoppers to stock up on everything they need to create the perfect holiday spread. Their 3 lb. mesh bags are tailor-made for crafting the quintessential sweet potato casserole.

Bako Sweet encourages retailers to take advantage of the year’s largest sales period for sweet potatoes by creating engaging holiday displays and cross merchandising with popular seasonings, marshmallows, brown sugar, butter and other holiday items like green beans, cranberries, stuffing and gravy to further emphasize the importance of including fresh sweet potatoes on the table this Thanksgiving and beyond.

“We understand that sweet potatoes have the potential to become a year-round staple due to their versatility,” said Susan Noritake, Bako Sweet’s Director of Sales. “We recognize the deep connection people have with sweet potatoes, often tied to their holiday memories. That’s why we see this time of year as a golden opportunity to educate and inspire shoppers.”

The brand is partnering with registered dietitian Mackenzie Burgess from Cheerful Choices, as well as influencer Kelsey Preciado from Little Bits of Real Food to further promote the creative use of sweet potatoes during the Thanksgiving holiday and beyond. Burgess is creating her own version of the viral TikTok trend Accordion Sweet Potatoes paired with a Smoked Paprika Maple Aioli, while Preciado will whip up a Dairy-free Mini Sweet Potato Cheesecake, perfect for the dessert table or a post-holiday on-the-go treat.

Bako Sweet encourages retailers to also harness the power of social media to inspire shoppers during this holiday season. In an era where people turn to online platforms for fresh and imaginative culinary ideas to impress their guests, leveraging social media is key. Retailers can take advantage of the brand’s array of recipes available on its website, creating a virtual culinary haven that engages and captivates the holiday spirit.

For more information about Bako Sweet, visit Bako Sweet or contact the sales team at or 661-858-1075 x818 to place an order.

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