April 22, 2024

BelliWelli Launches in Walmart, Significantly Expanding Access to Digestive Healthy Snacks

BelliWelli, a wellness brand known for its probiotic snack bars and viral marketing campaigns, has launched its latest innovation, BelliWelli Daily Fiber and Probiotics Powder, into 1,022 Walmart retail stores nationwide and online, signifying a monumental leap forward in the company’s commitment to providing more accessibility to healthy snacking.

As digestive health challenges affect more than 70 percent of adults in the US, BelliWelli’s expansion into Walmart not only showcases the brand’s ability to connect with new customers but also reinforces the brand’s omnichannel strategy. By offering products in collaboration with key retailers like Walmart, BelliWelli ensures that its products are more than items on the shelf but a true lifestyle that embodies healthy blood sugar levels, better sleep, improved hair and skin and better digestion.

“Expanding BelliWelli into Walmart stores is an exciting moment as it marks a significant milestone for us as trailblazers in the wellness industry,” said Katie Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of BelliWelli. “This expansion not only brings our product line to new retail horizons, but it allows us to expand the conversation and change perceptions around gut health itself.”

“We are thrilled to welcome BelliWelli to Walmart,” said Marissa Sullivan, merchant for health & wellness, Walmart US. “Customers are looking for more choices to manage their wellness need and BelliWelli is bringing innovation to the digestive wellness category.”

Consumers can easily incorporate the powder into their routine by stirring a scoop into water to experience improved hydration, increased energy, reduced bloating and a fuller feeling between meals. BelliWelli Daily Fiber and Probiotic Powder contains no artificial flavors or dyes, dissolves easily and is available in three delicious flavors: Yuzu Mandarin, Tropical Breeze and Cucumber Lime Cooler.

To find a store location near you that carries BelliWelli products or to learn more about the brand, visit BelliWelli. Follow the brand on Instagram at @belliwellisnacks.


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