Bertolli D’Italia Launches Two New Sauces that Bring the Flavors of Italy to your Home Kitchen October 11, 2022

Bertolli D’Italia Launches Two New Sauces that Bring the Flavors of Italy to your Home Kitchen

Steeped in 150 years of authentic Italian culinary tradition and technique, the Bertolli® d’Italia brand of sauces has been expanded with two new delicious white-sauce varieties – Cacio e Pepe and Alfredo with White Wine. Bertolli d’Italia – which translates to “Bertolli of Italy” – is a line of red and white sauces, made in Italy, that elevate the at-home culinary experience and bring the flavors of Italy right to your home kitchen. All six sauce varieties are now available at select grocery and mass retailers nationwide.

Launched in 2021 during the pandemic when people were cooking at home more than ever and looking for ways to elevate their meals with premium, yet approachable, grocery items, the Bertolli d’Italia sauce line meets this growing consumer need at an accessible price point. Using tomatoes vine-ripened under the Italian sun, finely aged Italian cheeses, fresh cream and Mediterranean olive oil, Bertolli d’Italia sauces help home chefs create classic Italian staples through a bounty of premium ingredients.

The new Cacio e Pepe (meaning “cheese and pepper”) sauce is an Italian classic made with fresh cream, Pecorino Romano cheese PDO and black pepper (PDO or Protected Designation of Origin is used to designate cheeses from certain regions in Italy.) Alfredo with White Wine sauce is made with fresh cream and Parmigiano Reggiano PDO. In addition to these two new sauces, the Bertolli d’Italia line also includes four other mouth-watering sauces: MarinaraCreamy RosaAlfredo and Four Cheese Alfredo.

“Bertolli d’Italia sauce truly takes consumers on a culinary journey through the authentic and delicious dishes they can create right at home. The red and white sauces complement a range of recipes from classic Italian staples to contemporary dishes, allowing chefs of all levels to create simple, yet elevated meals,” said Megan Frank, Senior Vice President, Marketing at Mizkan America, Inc., maker of Bertolli sauces. “We’re especially pleased to deliver one of the first national launches of the Cacio e Pepe sauce variety to the retail channel – a sauce that is currently exploding on the U.S. restaurant scene.”

To inspire home chefs across America, Bertolli d’Italia worked with Chef Andrea Belfiore, Head Chef and Co-founder of NYC-based Evento!, to develop a recipe that highlights the unique flavor profile of Bertolli d’Italia Cacio e Pepe sauce. Utilizing toasted black peppercorns and topping with freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano, home chefs can now create this elevated, on-trend dish that embodies the authentic flavors of Italy at home.

“Cacio e Pepe is one of my favorite, classic, Italian comfort foods. I hope home chefs will enjoy this simple, authentic recipe. The flavors truly bring me back home,” said Belfiore.

Bertolli d’Italia Sauces are available in 24.7-oz. and 16.9-oz. glass jars. Bertolli d’Italia red sauces retail for a suggested price of $3.99-$4.49 per 24.7-oz. glass jar and Bertolli d’Italia white sauces retail for a suggested price of $4.49-$5.19 per 16.9-oz. glass jar. The pricing of the sauces may vary slightly based on retailer and location. To find more delicious recipes made with Bertolli d’Italia Sauces, visit Bertolli and follow along on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

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