April 28, 2020

BeverageX Launches App to Support Off-Premise Alcohol Retailers During Pandemic

BeverageX, based in Denver, has partnered with Big Bear Wine & Liquor in southern Colorado to launch a secure, web-based application that helps off-premise alcohol beverage retailers, including liquor stores and grocery departments, improve social distancing related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Off premise retailers who subscribe to BeverageX can share inventory data with their internal employees and distribution personnel. Moreover, retailers control who is allowed to analyze this data on the platform.

All invited employees and distribution personnel “remotely” login to access their portfolio of products and quickly find which ones require immediate stock counts, need re-ordering, or have inventory performance issues. This reduces the amount of time people are needed in-store, improving social distancing for all.

“By minimizing in-store business activities during these challenging times, we’re not only better protecting our employees and distribution partners from COVID-19, but also every Big Bear shopper who walks the aisles of our stores,” Ryan Seybold, Big Bear Co-owner, said.

The company promises to waive all fees while the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines are in place.

“Having built a similar web solution that connects the three tiers of the alcohol beverage trade, we were uniquely positioned to leverage this service and create one that provided real value during this pandemic,” said Kevin Byrne, BeverageX Founder and CEO.

Colorado is the company’s first statewide market. Beginning on Tuesday, April 28, all off premise retailers and distributors nationwide can access the service.

A spokeswoman for the company said a requirement is that retailers currently use a point of sale system. Since this data is a key component of the service, BeverageX integrates into most leading vendor systems. And with COVID-19 upon us, set-up is done remotely via the Internet with a typical install taking about a week depending on the retailers’ point of sale vendor.

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