November 15, 2022

Bibigo New Ready-to-Serve Multigrain Rice Bowls Combine Authentic Quality with Microwaveable Convenience

Bibigo, a brand by the No. 1 food company in Korea, is inviting shoppers across the country to fall in love with rice as it launches its new ready-to-serve bibigo Multigrain Rice bowls nationally this fall. Carefully crafted to ensure deliciously soft and fluffy rice in just 90 seconds, bibigo Multigrain Rice bowls deliver rice cooker-worthy taste and texture in a fraction of the time it would take to prepare rice on a stove top or in a rice cooker.

“We are excited to introduce bibigo Multigrain Rice to the U.S. market,” said KJ Choi, brand manager of CJ Foods USA Inc. “The ready-to-serve rice category is currently growing faster than any other ambient, shelf-stable food category including canned soup, ramen and others. We carefully crafted our newest offering to create deliciously soft and fluffy rice in just 90 seconds and believe consumers will soon fall in love with our Multigrain Rice products.”

bibigo Multigrain Rice varieties feature better-for-you grains to create the foundation for quick, rice-based meals or an easy standalone side dish. Each of the varieties is non-GMO and nutrition-rich, making the entire product line a great choice for health-conscious consumers with busy lifestyles. bibigo Multigrain Rice is heated in a bowl rather than a pouch, allowing convenient accessibility for solo meals or meals on the go. In addition to unseasoned multigrain rice, bibigo Multigrain Rice bowls are also offered with Korean seasonings, such as garlic, onion and sesame oil.

“With our bibigo products, we pride ourselves on our devotion to the craft of authentic rice preparation that sets our products apart — and our new Multigrain Rice is no exception,” said Choi. “Our one-of-a-kind process makes microwavable rice deliciously soft and fluffy every time in just 90 seconds. There has long been an unmet need for high-quality, ready-to-serve microwavable rice, and shoppers can now enjoy a delicious, home cooked meal in seconds thanks to our new bibigo offerings.”

Now more than ever, consumers in Asian countries are leaning into the convenience of ready-to-serve microwavable rice1. CJ Cheiljedang, Korea’s No. 1 lifestyle company, was the first to develop the original technique used in the new bibigo Multigrain Rice, changing the way consumers enjoy rice across Asia and now in the US. The process of creating bibigo Multigrain Rice bowls begins at the manufacturing facility with a pre-soaking process precisely calibrated to each type of grain because different grains absorb water at different speeds. Then, the grains go through a pre-steaming process before being packaged for market. These proprietary steps help ensure bibigo Multigrain Rice comes out fluffy, deliciously soft and fragrant every time.

bibigo Multigrain Rice bowls are available in four varieties, each ready in just 90 seconds. The full product line includes:

  • Brown Rice & Quinoa with Garlic.
  • Brown Rice & Jasmine.
  • Brown Rice & Wild Rice with Garlic.
  • Brown Rice, Wild Rice & Red Rice with Onion.

Starting on Nov. 15, bibigo Multigrain Rice bowls will be available at Walmart and Kroger stores as well as online at Amazon for a suggested retail price of $2.99.


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