June 21, 2022

Black Forest Gummies and Fruit Snacks Auctions off Art Painted by Trees

In 2020, Black Forest committed to planting 1.5-million trees by 2022 in partnership with the National Forest Foundation, an effort underscoring its dedication to preserving America’s forests for future generations. And today, in celebration of reaching that milestone, the brand behind numerous fan-favorite gummies and fruit snacks made with real fruit juice is auctioning off a new art collection painted by those trees with “A Brush with Nature” by Black Forest.

To produce the paintings, materials such as paint brushes and conte crayon were affixed to adjacent limbs and branches of trees with eco-friendly twine in the Angeles National Forest, located outside of Los Angeles, California. As natural wind moved their branches, the trees painted 10 vibrant, individually unique pieces of art.

“We’re thrilled and honored to have given trees a platform to add their own unique voices to the discussion of nature preservation with our ‘A Brush with Nature’ collection,” said Sara Lieberman, Brand Manager, Black Forest. “It’s a joy to see Black Forest’s commitment to doing real good come to life through each painting.”

The Auction and More

Bidding on the collection is now live on eBay for gummy, fruit snack, art and nature-lovers alike, with an opening amount set at $100. And for those who aren’t able to score an original painting, Black Forest is also making reprints available through eBay. All proceeds from both the auction and sale of the replica prints will go directly to the National Forest Foundation, bringing the initiative full circle and allowing consumers to directly support preserving our nation’s trees with a single bid.

Real Good Requires Real Action

“Black Forest has walked the walk when it comes to its commitment to preserving our nation’s most at-risk forests,” said Mary Mitsos, CEO, National Forest Foundation. “We’re thrilled to announce that our partnership with Black Forest has hit our original 1.5-million trees milestone, and we look forward to partnering on even more reforestation projects through the proceeds generated from their ‘A Brush with Nature’ by Black Forest initiative.”

Rooted in a portfolio made with real fruit juice, Black Forest is committed to making a real difference to our nation’s natural landscapes. Its 2020 pledge, part of a larger long-range effort to plant 10-million trees by 2030, sought to reforest land previously ravaged by wildfires and aimed to plant new trees in such sources of natural splendor as Oregon’s Fremont-Winema National Forest, Idaho’s Boise National Forest and the Sierra National Forest and Angeles National Forest, both in California. Having met that goal, Black Forest then commissioned trees from the latter to tell their own vital stories.

The “A Brush with Nature” by Black Forest Gummies and Fruit Snacks auction will be live until Tuesday, June 28 at 8 a.m. EST. To learn more about Black Forest’s additional purpose-driven commitments, visit Black Forestand follow @BlackForestUSA on Instagram and @BlackForest on TikTok.


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