March 15, 2018

Blue Apron: From the box to the grocery store

One of the first companies to offer boxed meal-kit deliveries is considering entering grocery stores to increase its customer base and boost business. On Thursday, a spokesperson for Blue Apron said, “This offering is part of our strategy to leverage the strength of our brand and the quality of our product to expand to new channels and new consumer segments.”

The company, whose consumer base shrunk from 879,000 in 2016 to 746,000 in 2017, has been struggling with increased competition in the segment. While they haven’t revealed pricing or partner details, the company spokesperson said Blue Apron was “in active conversations with a variety of retailers.”

Meal kit companies such as Marley Spoon and Sun Basket have won customers over with cheaper prices and more meal choices. Grocers are also giving Blue Apron a run for their money with Albertsons’ acquisition of Plated and Kroger’s Prep+Pared meal kits. Both Walmart and Amazon recently announced plans to introduce their own meal kits and on March 8, Weight Watchers joined in with plans for a line of quick-prep meal kits at grocery stores.

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