May 12, 2020

Bomb Pop Middles Launch in Time for Summer

The makers of the iconic Original Bomb Pop introduce Bomb Pop Middles, new frozen treats with an ice creamy outside and a gooey, decadent middle.

Bomb Pop Middles come in four flavors: Chocolate Caramel Sundae, Strawberry Raspberry Taffy, Chocolate Creme Sandwich and S’mores.

“Summer is right around the corner, and we want our fans to have it all — whether it’s the sundae bar or the great American campfire s’more — on a stick,” said Jeremy Hrynewycz, Senior Brand Manager, Bomb Pop. “All your favorite desserts are coming to this poolside party, and the flavor and texture game is strong.”

Bomb Pop Middles will be popping up all summer long through super cool social activations meant to celebrate tweens’ various interests and passion points, including a TikTok #NotOneThing hashtag challenge, Twitch “Squad Up for Bomb Pop Middles” Squad Stream fan-engagement, and Soundcloud “Bomb Pop Middles Summer Jams Contest,” along with other engaging activities on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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