April 18, 2022

Boskovich Fresh Food Group Launches Green Fork Line of Fresh Salads, Veggies

Boskovich Fresh Food Group subsidiary Fresh Prep, the processing arm of the company, brings a new retail line, Green Fork, to the industry this month with 11 SKUs.

Green Fork aims to change the way customers think about meals with inviting and playful prepackaged salad kits, tender leaves, salad blends and packaged vegetables. A family-owned, industry mainstay for more than 100 years, Boskovich Fresh Food Group is best known for its multi-generational knowledge and commitment to sustainable farming practices, its food safety excellence and its consistent product quality across conventional and organic items. The company is also one of the very few vertically integrated produce companies that grows, processes, packs and delivers its own products.

Deep Silver, Senior Director of Marketing at Fresh Prep, LLC and Boskovich Family Farms, shepherded the development of the new line as a way to bring new personality and an elevated, youthful edge to the pre-packaged category. Silver observed that no brand in the category appealed to younger, Millennial consumers from a recipe, convenience and relevancy standpoint. With playful packaging and chef-driven recipes, Green Fork finally fills this gap in grocery offerings and is poised to capture new customers.

“Green Fork is an opportunity to welcome younger consumers seeking consistency and healthy, convenient options to our brands and improve sales within the demographic for our retail partners,” said Silver.

Working closely with Chef Andrew Hunter (of Wolfgang Puck, Niman Ranch and Kikkoman R&D fame), the team focused on the fresh produce that put Boskovich on the map in the first place.

Green Fork will launch with two salad kits, Slammin’ Sesame and Marvelous Mediterranean, two tender leaves, Awesome Arugula and Sweet Baby Spinach, two salad blends, Garden Party and Simply Spring and five pre-packaged vegetables, Cilantro Pronto, Italian-O Parsley, Curiously Curly Parsley, Radish Squad and Bae-Bae Bok Choy.

Interested retail partners can click here or here and email gwelch@boskovichfarms.com.

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