October 4, 2023

Brooklyn Chop House Dumplings are now Available Nationwide

Brooklyn Chop House & Brooklyn Chop House Grocer, the Black-owned restaurant group known for its innovative fusion of classic Asian cuisine with New York flair team made up of Robert “Don Pooh” Cummins, Dave Thomas, Charles Suitt and Stratis Morfogen have announced the expansion of their famous dumplings in partnership with legendary artist, actress, author and entrepreneur, Patti LaBelle and Patti LaBelle Foods into more than 1,000 Walmart stores exclusively across the United States. LaBelle brought this deal to Walmart through her company, ZPAC, which focuses on placing minority companies into big box stores.

Brooklyn Chop House and BCH Grocer are known for their commitment to quality and flavor and have garnered a loyal following for their bold and inventive culinary creations. Introducing BCH Grocer and their signature dumplings in Walmart stores nationwide is a testament to the brand’s dedication to sharing its culinary expertise with a broader demographic.

Brooklyn Chop House Grocer Partners stated in the partnership announcement: “We’re thrilled to partner with the legendary Patti LaBelle to bring the flavors of Brooklyn Chop House and BCH Grocer dumplings to homes across the nation through Walmart stores. These dumplings are a testament to our commitment to excellence in the culinary world. We have already sold out in some locations. We are overwhelmed with the response from so many friends, loyal customers and those who have always wanted to experience Brooklyn Chop House menu items but have yet to be able to get to our NYC locations; what a feeling, what an unpredicted response!”

BCH Grocer Frozen Dumplings represent a fusion of flavors and cultures that are genuinely unique and crafted with the same dedication to quality and innovation, making Brooklyn Chop House a celebrated dining destination. These dumplings offer a compelling blend of tastes that captivate our consumers’ palates—resulting in a delectable range of frozen dumplings that are currently shipping to more than 1,000 Walmart locations across the United States. Those who have not had the opportunity to dine at Brooklyn Chop House NYC locations can now experience one of the most sought-after menu items.

LaBelle said, “Delicious food and cooking are two of my passions, so I’m delighted to be collaborating with Brooklyn Chop House Grocer Partners and Walmart on these incredible dumplings. They’re not just a delicious treat but a culinary experience everyone can enjoy.”

BCH Grocer Frozen Dumplings will offer an array of flavors inspired by the restaurant’s diverse menu, ensuring there’s something for every palate. It features an array of options: classic pork, mac and cheese, Korean BBQ-inspired beef cheese and bacon and chocolate cake dumplings.

For additional information about Brooklyn Chop House Frozen Dumplings, including product availability and locations, go to BCH Grocer.



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