March 9, 2022

Buena Fé Tequila-Based Beverage Coming to US Stores

Pure Brands has introduced Buena Fé, a USDA-certified organic tequila-based beverage which will be widely available in the US this spring.

Buena Fé organic tequila quenchers are blended in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico. The ingredients in Buena Fé include organic 100 percent blue weber agave tequila blanco, organic fruit juice, organic agave, organic natural flavors and sparkling water.

Buena Fé organic tequila quenchers are currently available in two flavors: watermelon strawberry and mango pineapple. Each flavor is sold in a 4-pack ($14.99 per pack MSRP). The brand will debut on shelves in select states including Kansas, Washington, California, New Jersey, Michigan, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York in the coming months. Each can is 140 calories or less and free of preservatives.

“The introduction of Buena Fé follows more than eight months of searching, blending and batching to create a proprietary formula that meets our standards,” said Buena Fé co-founder Andrew Bushby. “Our mission is to create cocktails that are better for the consumer and better for the environment. We believe we have created the cleanest and tastiest tequila quencher in the world.”

Buena Fè was created by Bushby and Patty Baer as a counterpoint to low-quality, artificial ingredient-laden canned beverages made with inferior mixto tequila — and as a reaction to the dearth of ready-to-drink, organic tequila beverages available in the US. Buena Fé is directly translated to “In Good Faith.”

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