August 29, 2023

Butterball Releases 2023 Thanksgiving Outlook Report

Butterball, the well-known brand of turkey in the US, has released its annual Thanksgiving Outlook Report, revealing consumer plans and sentiment with the holiday less than three months away.

According to the findings, people are optimistic and planning to celebrate – with turkey as the centerpiece – again this year but inflation is top of mind for many. Notably, 79 percent of consumers who plan to celebrate Thanksgiving expect inflation to impact their plans. However, holiday hosts remain committed to serving turkey, with 82 percent still planning to serve it.

Key takeaways and trends from the report are revealed below.

Consumers are looking forward to celebrating together.

  • 89 percent of consumers plan to host or attend a celebration of the same size or larger this year.
  • The anticipated average size of celebrations is 9 people – back to pre-pandemic numbers.
  • 83 percent of those planning to celebrate Thanksgiving associate the holiday with family; 74 percent associate it with togetherness.

Consumers are dedicated to celebrating with turkey at the center of their tables.

  • Turkey remains the most popular part of the meal, followed by stuffing, pie and potatoes.
  • 79 percent of people serving turkey intend to purchase a whole turkey (fresh or frozen).
  • 81 percent of hosts plan to buy the same size or larger turkey this year.

Consumers are planning other ways to control the costs of their celebrations, including:

  • 29 percent will ask guests to bring part of the meal.
  • 16 percent will ask guests to share the expense of the meal.
  • 14 percent will host less formal gatherings.

“While inflation remains top of mind, it’s encouraging to see consumers’ continued dedication to gathering with friends and family this holiday season and to gathering around turkey specifically,” said Chad McFadden, senior retail brand manager at Butterball. “We’re proud to play a part in helping to bring people together and pass love on this holiday season.”

For 42 years, the Butterball Turkey-Talk Line has helped new and seasoned hosts prepare the perfect holiday centerpiece and mitigate concerns such as inflation along the way. Once again, this team of trusted culinary experts will be available via phone, text, chat and social channels, beginning Wednesday, Nov. 1. To learn more about Butterball and how to reach the Turkey Talk-Line experts this holiday season, visit

Butterball partnered with Circana to commission an online survey among a nationally representative sample of 1,838 US adults. The survey was fielded by Circana between July 3 and 14.

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