February 7, 2023

Cajú Love’s Upcycled and Plant-Based Cashew Fruit Meat Hits US Grocery Stores and Restaurants

Cajú Love has announced their launch in retail with their 200g organic cashew fruit meat pack and the foodservice space with their new 800g packs. The company’s sustainable, versatile and quality whole food plant-based meat alternative is now available at BESTIES Vegan Paradise, Los Angeles; Food Fight! Grocery, Portland; Orchard Grocer, New York and also on Amazon.

“Customers have been very excited to try Cajú Love. We have had several add it to their weekly shopping list!” said Beth Sullivan, owner of Food Fight! Grocery.

“Cashew fruit meat has the potential to feed a growing population without putting pressure on the environment. Cajú Love has been a pioneer in the upcycled food movement by creating a new plant-based staple from upcycled cashew fruits. We have built a new supply chain system to upcycle cashew apples that helps conserve energy in food production, reduce food waste, soil exploitation and water usage and provides an additional income stream for local farmers,” said Alana Lima, founder of Cajú Love.

According to data from the United Nations, about one-third of food produced goes to waste, which totals about 1.3 billion tons annually. It also estimated food waste adds about 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year, which equates to a roughly $940 billion cost to the global economy. The global Products from Food Waste or upcycled food market size was valued at USD 52.91 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6 percent to reach USD 83.26 billion by 2032. The Upcycled Certified program is estimated to prevent 840 million lbs. of food waste each year.

2.2 million tons of cashew fruits have been going to waste in Brazil alone from the cashew nut industry. About 12 percent of Brazilian cashew fruits are processed, including juice extraction (8 percent). Other usages include fresh and dried fruit, jams, wines, candies and animal feed made out of waste products.

Since launching in 2021, Cajú Love has upcycled more than 105,000 cashew apples by turning them into a sustainable and clean plant-based staple. For every 200g pack of organic cashew fruit meat, it upcycles five cashew fruits.

Check out their healthy, vegan and wholesome meatless alternative at https://cajulove.com/store-locator/ or place an order at https://cajulove.com/shop/.

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