July 8, 2024

CallingAll Pickle Lovers: Claussen Pickles and Baked by Melissa Celebrate National Pickle Month with an Exclusive Pickle Cupcake

Claussen, the 150-year-old brand known for its signature refrigerated pickles that pack a superior cold crunch, is teaming up with New York-based bite-size dessert company, Baked by Melissa, to create a first-of-its-kind pickle cupcake. To celebrate National Pickle Month, the dill-ightful dessert will be available for pickle enthusiasts nationwide, while supplies last.

Throughout the past year, pickle products continue to trend with 73 percent of Americans reporting that they enjoy the taste of pickles1. To give the fans what they wanted, Claussen entered the beverage space for the first time last year, launching a sparkling wine cocktail, and this summer, it’s all about desserts.

“We’re excited to keep our pickle momentum going this summer with our first-ever dessert,” said Caroline Sheehey, Brand Manager for Claussen Pickles. “Pickle is such a universal flavor, so we are constantly working to find new and unique ways to bring Claussen’s signature taste to many different beloved occasions. These cupcakes will be the perfect unexpected twist for pickle fanatics everywhere.”

Combining Baked by Melissa’s famous handcrafted bite-size cupcakes and Claussen Pickles’ tangy flavor, the Baked by Melissa x Claussen Pickle Cupcakes feature a delicious pickle-infused cake topped with pickle buttercream icing and red and white celebratory sprinkles. These bite-sized delights combine beloved Claussen pickles with Baked by Melissa’s classic vanilla cake and icing. The result is a bright, balanced sweet-salty-sour pickle treat, perfect for your summer parties.

“Anyone who’s seen @BakedByMelissa on TikTok knows I am a pickle lover, whether I’m making pickles at home or adding pickles to my favorite dishes, so it only made sense to bring the Claussen’s iconic flavor to Baked by Melissa cupcakes next, for an unexpected tangy treat,” said Melissa Ben-Ishay, Co-Founder & CEO of Baked by Melissa. “The addition of pickle gives the cupcake a zippy sweet-salty-sour kick, making it a truly unique ingredient for a bite-size cupcake.”

The Baked by Melissa x Claussen Pickle Cupcake will be available beginning July 8 in packs of 6 or 25 while supplies last. The 6-pack is available exclusively at all Baked by Melissa store locations for $10.25 while the 25-pack is exclusive to Baked by Melissa for $37 for nationwide shipping. For more information, visit @claussenpicklesofficial on Instagram or Baked by Melissa.

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