August 24, 2023

Chewsy Launches a Collection of Wellness Supplements at Harmons Grocery Stores Across Utah

Chewsy, a leading provider of innovative and delicious, candy style vitamin chews, is excited to launch at Harmons Grocery stores in Utah introducing customers to its selection of wellness supplements inclusive of Beautiful Hair, Womens Multi, Men’s Multi, Youthful Skin and So Long Stress.

Family owned and locally run since 1932, Harmons Grocery is committed to providing the best products to customers in Utah, who can now add Chewsy chews to their shopping cart as a nutritious and delicious option to elevate their wellness routine. Chewsy offers a different kind of supplement that tastes just like candy and delivers a 360 blend of essential nutrients to aid consumers along their wellness journey.

From taste to texture, Chewsy is known for its clean, mindful ingredients and delicious taste. Unlike traditional gummies, Chewsy chews are individually wrapped so they stay sanitary and are easily portable. The chews fit more nutrients than gummies and only contain 3 grams of organic sugar and no gelatin. This collection of supplements provide essential nutrients for those looking to make improvements to their daily regimens.

Beautiful Hair – Formulated with 12 key nutrients to support hair health and strength, this chew is infused with Biotin, Goji Berry, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and essential B vitamins.

Women’s Multi – This cranberry grape chew delivers a complete formula for women and is scientifically formulated with 23 nutrients and 100 percent daily value of 16 essential vitamins and minerals.

Men’s Multi – Scientifically formulated with 100 percent daily value for 16 essential nutrients, these naturally flavored cranberry grape chews contain saw palmetto, stinging nettle, probiotics, zinc and selenium for added men’s support.

Youthful Skin – This delicious raspberry lemonade flavored chew supports skin health and a more youthful appearance boasting Hyaluronic acid, grape seed extract, minerals and essential antioxidants.

So Long Stress – A tropical fruit chew that supports a relaxed, focused state of mind and helps combat the acute effects of stress.

“Harmons Grocery shares our commitment to mindful living and bringing consumers a diverse selection of sustainably sourced, quality products meant to aid them in their health and wellness journeys,” states Chewsy Co-founder Sean Ross. “With this partnership, we are able to provide consumers with accessible, nutritious and delicious options. ”

Beautiful Hair, Women’s Multi, Men’s Multi, Youthful Skin and So Long Stress chews are now available at Harmons Grocery stores in Utah. For more information about Chewsy visit Chewsy.

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