October 3, 2023

Chicken of the Sea and McCormick Brands Introduce Mouthwatering Seasoned Tuna

This October, Chicken of the Sea is entering the on-the-go conversation in an irresistible way! With the help of the flavor trendsetters at McCormick, the iconic seafood brand is launching three new Chicken of the Sea Wild Caught Tuna packets to inspire your most delicious culinary experiences. Now, no matter what you’re craving or where you’re going, the new Chicken of the Sea packets deliver both taste and nutrition in a convenient format to fuel your everyday adventures.

  • McCormick Lemon Garlic: This zesty wild caught tuna in a convenient single serve packet is loaded with 14g of lean protein and has only 70 calories. The delicate blend of lemon and garlic brings the zing to your favorite dishes and mealtime occasions. Grab it on your way out of the house to fuel your busy day!
  • Thai Kitchen Sweet & Spicy: With 15g of protein and only 90 calories, this wild caught tuna seasoned with a sweet and spicy tang of red chili adds a delicate kick to your favorite meal. Or dig right into the delicious, on-the-go packet anywhere your healthy lifestyle takes you!
  • McCormick Dill Tuna Salad: With 11g of protein and only 70 calories, it’s time to grab a fork and savor this creamy tuna salad in a convenient on-the-go packet. Add mouthwatering tuna and the sweet, bright flavor of dill to your favorite wrap or simply enjoy it on its own.

“We know consumers are looking for delicious, healthy, convenient food options to keep their busy lifestyles fueled,” said Griffin Raasch, Director of Marketing at Chicken of the Sea. “Partnering with McCormick to incorporate their mouthwatering flavors with our wild caught, protein-packed tuna in on-the-go packets is the perfect combination. These new, versatile packets will help to provide fans with the taste they crave and nutrients they need to live a happier, healthier life.”

If the debut of three new tuna options wasn’t enough, there’s more! Chicken of the Sea is also introducing additional tuna and salmon packet varieties to give consumers even more ways to fit lean protein into every lifestyle and unique diet. The packets are perfect for fighting through the midday hump, recovering from a tough workout or just reminiscing on a favorite childhood recipe. It’s time to make mouthwatering on-the-go protein the right decision for your body and mind.

Each Chicken of the Sea Light Tuna and Salmon packet is 100 calories or less, ready-to-eat and delivers high quality, responsibly sourced MSC certified tuna and salmon.

    • Light Tuna in Spring Water: Simple, classic and always wild caught. This premium, 100 percent skipjack in spring water is MSC certified and ready to eat straight from the packet. With 17g of protein and 70 calories, it’s a convenient, smart solution for your favorite snack, lunch or dinner recipes. Fuel a healthy lifestyle with Chicken of the Sea.
    • Maple Smokehouse: Chicken of the Sea has given its wild caught Alaskan pink salmon a brunch-worthy makeover, courtesy of our on-site smoker and delicious maple syrup. At only 100 calories, the craveable sweet n’ smokey flavor is packed with 16g of lean protein and good-for-you Omega-3s. Serve it at your next brunch or grab a fork and dig into the packet anywhere your lifestyle takes you.
    • Everything Bagel Seasoning: It’s time to take everyone’s favorite wild caught Alaskan pink salmon and amp it up with all the delectable flavors of an everything bagel – minus the bagel. Convenient, on-the-go packet? Check. 13g of protein, 70 calories and Omega-3s? Check, check and check. With garlic, onion, sesame seeds and craveable Chicken of the salmon, your avocado toast has never looked better.

With new and exciting packet offerings coming to you this October online and in-store at national retailers, there is no limit to what you can whip up in the kitchen or snack on-the-go. Not to mention all tuna and salmon included in these packets is sourced from an MSC certified sustainable fishery and fully traceable at Chicken of the Sea. Don’t just take our word for it, go try it for yourself!

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