April 23, 2024

Chipoys Sets Sights on European Expansion with Strategic Partnership Expansion and Local Production

Chipoys, a leader in the spicy snack market, is expanding into the European market. Chipoys is deepening its partnership with Chef Sam and joining forces with Apex Group to localize production and distribution. This move marks a significant step in Chipoys’ mission to bring its unique spicy rolled corn snacks to a broader audience, capitalizing on the growing trend for bold flavors in Europe.

Michael Berro, Co-Founder and CEO of Chipoys, said, “Our further expansion into Europe marks a pivotal moment in Chipoys’ history. By expanding our collaboration with Chef Sam and establishing production in Spain with Apex, we are not just entering new markets but embedding ourselves within them. This approach allows us to respond dynamically to European tastes and preferences and reinforces our commitment to sustainability and community involvement.”

Originating in Tijuana and achieving remarkable success in the United States, with sales reaching eight figures in just three years, Chipoys has carved out a distinctive niche with its unique taste and crunch. Based on the successful joint venture, Chipoys Europe, established with Chef Sam, Chipoys is now enhancing the brand’s market strategy by partnering with Apex to localize production. This move builds on the solid foundation that Chipoys has with Chef Sam, who has been a critical partner in pioneering the brand across European markets.

To facilitate Chipoys’ European expansion, the brand has decided to produce its products locally in Spain. This strategic decision, supported by Chipoys’ partnership with Apex—the leading snack manufacturer in Spain—ensures that Chipoys can adapt its flavors and formats more quickly and efficiently to meet local tastes. Apex has commenced setting up the necessary production infrastructure in their Ribaforada, Navarra facility, with production expected to start in June.

Chipoys will initially be available in Europe through imports at the end of this month, featuring three exciting flavors tailored to different levels of spice preferences: “Fire Red Hot” for the daring, “Chile & Lime” for the curious and “Spicy Ranch” for the balanced palate. Apex will lead the marketing efforts in Spain, Portugal and France, leveraging its strong market presence, while Chef Sam will manage development and distribution in the remaining European markets.

Chipoys’ commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact is crucial to the brand’s decision to manufacture in Spain. This approach supports local production and aligns with Chipoys’ dedication to innovation and community involvement.



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