July 29, 2021

Cleveland Kitchen Introduces New Dilly Garlic Pickles

Cleveland Kitchen‘s latest gourmet, fermented creation is the brand’s fresh take on America’s favorite sandwich side: pickles.

Cleveland Kitchen Dilly Garlic Pickled Chips and Cleveland Kitchen Dilly Garlic Pickled Spears go through an unheated fresh-packed process using naturally fermented vinegars, fresh herbs and spices. This method pickles each chip and spear with a light fermentation making for a crisp and flavorful bite. These fresh, never heated pickles are vegan, gluten-free, kosher (Orthodox Union certified) and keto-friendly, clocking in at just 5 calories per serving.

“Pickles are such a classic American food and especially beloved in the Midwest and we are very excited to be introducing our unique, healthy take on this well-known condiment,” said Co-Founder and CEO of Cleveland Kitchen, Drew Anderson. “We are proud to be adding our Dilly Garlic Pickles to our range of products as another delicious, crunchy, fresh offering for fans of Cleveland Kitchen and fans of pickles.”

Cleveland Kitchen’s Dilly Garlic Pickles are available in the refrigerated section at Walmart stores nationwide, in chips for $5.78 and spears for $6.48 or order the 32oz pickle spears and 24oz pickle chips online for pickup or delivery through Walmart. To learn more about the brand, visit their website.

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