October 12, 2023

CLR Brands Puts Shopper Convenience at The Heart of its Rebrand with New Features-Forward Labelling

Jelmar, a leader in the household cleaning products industry, today unveiled its packaging rebrand across its home cleaning product line, CLR Brands. Central to the rebrand effort was the company’s core belief in simplifying the life of busy shoppers by ensuring the information featured on the packaging clearly communicates what the product is for and addresses upfront potential shopper questions. For example, the CLR Brilliant Bath product very clearly calls out its features: “tough on soap scum and hard water stains.” Additionally, CLR Mold and Mildew makes the claim that it is “bleach-free” and “fragrance-free.” The average grocery store carries more than 31,0001 items all vying for the shopper’s attention. Recognizing how overwhelming this experience is for people, Jelmar was laser focused that its rebranding efforts had to deliver on two fronts. It needed to grab attention to stand out in a crowded category and it had to remove any functional ambiguity. This was achieved by delivering the reassurance of a consistent design look and feel across its family of products coupled with a commonsense approach to communicating the efficacy of the product.

“At CLR Brands, our unwavering mission has been to create exceptional products that delight our consumers,” said Alison Gutterman, CEO and President of Jelmar. “Our rebrand is designed to appeal to our existing customers while simultaneously creating consideration among a new cohort of shoppers who will now more easily know which of our products to turn to and when. We are committed to making it easier for buyers to determine if our product is suitable for their needs and take it home to try and then over deliver so we can ultimately build long-term trust.”

Collectively when side-by-side, the product line up helps shoppers understand that if they can rely on CLR Brands as their go-to cleaning partner for life’s toughest jobs, it’s without a doubt good enough for everyday messes. The updated product names* and labeling clearly state intended use, claims and features, all designed to build greater trust with customers who have the reassurance that the product inside is exactly what they need to get the intended job done and more.

Appreciating that today’s consumers are making more conscious shopping choices, it was vital that the company demonstrated their ongoing commitment to manufacturing safer products. Which is why EPA Safer Choice or USDA Certified Biobased Product logos are also featured on applicable labels. Maintaining these designations demonstrates Jelmar’s ongoing commitment to provide the strongest, yet safest cleaning solutions. Jelmar’s dedication has been recognized consistently with the company named an EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year every year since the program’s inception in 2015.

So much more than a facelift, the CLR rebranding is a testament to the company’s continuous efforts in ongoing product quality, innovation and reformulation, all designed to better serve an expanded customer base. The new CLR Brands visual identity is designed to be approachable and straightforward with a hint of nostalgia and retains historical ties to the original color palette of yellow, green and orange. The new self-contained CLR Brand badge features a sweeping new color arch and glistening star that infers a sparkling clean every time. The move to an umbrella CLR brand alongside individual product names brings a cohesiveness to the lineup that will help persuade shoppers to try other products in the family. The iconic gray color jug, long associated with CLR Calcium, Lime, & Rust Remover, remains a hallmark of the rebrand. The gray color is now a mainstay across many of the spray bottles as it proved to be a symbol of trust, dependability and efficacy in consumer testing.

The new product packaging will be rolling out across retailers this fall. To explore the reimagined CLR portfolio and discover the innovative cleaning solutions offered, visit CLR Brands.

*The CLR product portfolio now lists as the following:

  • CLR BBQ Grill
  • CLR Brilliant Bath
  • CLR Calcium, Lime, & Rust Remover
  • CLR Drain Opener
  • CLR Everyday Clean
  • CLR Garbage Disposal
  • CLR Granite, Marble, & Stone
  • CLR Laundry Stain & Odor
  • CLR Mold & Mildew
  • CLR Outdoor Furniture
  • CLR Probiotic Multi-Surface
  • CLR Range Hood & Stove
  • CLR Septic System
  • CLR Stainless Steel

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